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  1. The locals herabouts will have been surprised to see a 48A arriving at my house today, not far from its route through Dundrum. They thought it stopped running 10 years ago. It is a beutiful model, very well finished. It compares well with Adrian Lemon's Ghost Bus. Maybe an 11 needs to follow since that is my local route?
  2. Tarabuses

    Customs & VAT

    As an interesting aside, my sister in law ordered a €200 gift voucher from IKEA not realising it would be sent from the UK. She duly received a request from An Post for €52 before the voucher could be delivered. She refused to pay and contacted IKEA who cancelled the voucher and refunded the €200. Two days letter An Post delivered the voucher despite having received no payment. I had advised her that there was no VAT or duty on gift vouchers as they were effectively cash. Revenue have since confirmed I was correct. Obviously An Post also realised that at some stage too and so released the voucher, but too late as it was now cancelled. It is hard to believe that the state agency reponsible for delivering our post is so incompetent.
  3. Tarabuses

    Customs & VAT

    An Post seem to be using a "belt and braces" policy and charging VAT when they are unsure whether Irish tax is due on a delivery. Is the customs value of €52.11 the amount you paid for the goods? VAT of €13.31 doesn't look correct as it is 25.54%.
  4. As if answering my question I see an update today on Facebook. No completion date but certainly progress.
  5. Any update on January ?
  6. The photos are, of course, much larger than the model and so exagerates the errors. I have the model as released by Asianbus but it was only available as route 203. It is great to now have a second option on route 202. http://modelbuszone.co.uk/britbus/sd/mrl/mrl-10.htm
  7. Tarabuses


  8. Great news and a surprising "variation on a theme".
  9. There is another thread relating to the problem you have. I understand that this may have been due to a faulty decoder as a replacement worked normally.
  10. Then there is, of course, THE proper Irish bus.
  11. Yes, the WV would be a good choice.
  12. Happy Christmas to veryone here.
  13. I'll make sure they sell well by placing my order.
  14. I was expecting a Railink bus model but thought it would be from someone else. Any more plans for bus models?
  15. An unusual occurance for a railway modelling item.
  16. Great surprise for a Good Friday.
  17. I'm afraid RTE in general have been ramping up the hystreria over the last week or so. I do not understand why they feel that they have to give air time to all the nonsense that is being spread about coronavirus.
  18. Which makes it surprising that no one has produced this type of coupling before.
  19. Happy Christmas one and all.
  20. I also came across this Duple bodied OB.
  21. I don't know if you obtained any information on this over the weekend but CIE bought 6 Bedford OBs in 1949 for Dublin Airport services. They were numbered BP1-6 with Roberts bodies. The model you have is probably of a Duple bodied OB. Corgi produced a model of one as owned by Guinness. The real coach later passed to Lavery Coaches.
  22. What have we missed in the last week apart from the news and views?
  23. Unfortunately Merlin failed at Gorey and the train was recovered by 074. Merlin had to be left in the siding at Gorey.
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