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  1. Hi all, I might as well start the ball rolling here! I'm sure most of you are familar with my website, which has over 11,000 photos of the modern Irish Railway Scene since 2005 to the present day. There are two updates to the website this evening. The first has pictures from Heuston on Tuesday night featuring MKIV's 4005 and 4006 along with 227 and 22002, plus Wednesday evening photos are from Carn Bridge and Ballycullane featuring ex works 234, along with 224, 232, 4003, 22023 + 22028 and 22006. All these pictures are now available at: http://smu.gs/HTloh0'>http://smu.gs/HTloh0 The second update is of 076 visiting the Howth Branch on Easter Monday in connection with the testing of new signalling equipment on the Branch. http://smu.gs/HTloh0 Enjoy, The Wanderer.
  2. Photographic Website Updates

    The latest update to the April gallery includes trouble in Bally with the 0700 Cork - Heuston and a lucky catch up with Retro liveried 073 at Portlaoise during lunchtime. Click http://goo.gl/EiByAQ to view the images from yesterday.
  3. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening folks, A unusual visitor to the Nenagh Branch this morning in the form of 2601 + 2602 working the 0630 Limerick - Ballybrophy and 1005 Ballybrophy - Limerick. 2811 + 2812 were coupled to the set as far as Nenagh on the outward run to form the 0745 Nenagh - Limerick. Click http://goo.gl/E5SsXK to view all the pictures from today's update.
  4. Photographic Website Updates

    Pictures from Portlaoise, Clonkeen and Ballybrophy today featuring: - The Belmond Grand Hibernian. - 087 hauling failed 218 from Cork to Inchicore. - 22033 on the 1625 Heuston - Limerick. Click http://goo.gl/dYBzPi to view all the images.
  5. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening folks, The latest images uploaded to the April gallery include: Sunday 8th April 2018: Images from Dublin while heading home after the previous day's RPSI railtour. Tuesday 10th April 2018: The 2018 Belmond Grand Hibernian season kicked off today with 231 captured passing Rosskelton in Co. Laois bound for Cork. Click https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2018-Photos/April-2018/i-56vtdBn to view.
  6. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening folks, Photos from yesterdays RPSI Diesel Railtour "The Branchline Wanderer" from Connolly to Waterford and Limerick have now been uploaded to the website at http://goo.gl/2VugC9 . Locos 071, 074 and 086 were used on the tour with changes taking place at Waterford and Limerick. Despite some late running in the afternoon, the tour was another great success with 304 passengers travelling on the tour during the day. Money raised from these railtours goes towards funding the restoration of the RPSI's 121 Class loco No. 134 which is currently at Inchicore undergoing overhaul.
  7. Photographic Website Updates

    Pictures from this week around the network have now been uploaded to https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2018-Photos/April-2018/i-8CfGfHV Tuesday 3rd April 2018: Images from Portlaoise, Thurles and Garrykennedy Marina. Wednesday 4th April 2018: Tamper 741 stabled at Nenagh and MKIV GC 4005 passing Portlaoise. Thursday 5th April 2018: Limerick Station on Thursday evening. Friday 6th April 2018: Pictures from Portlaoise, Limerick Jct, Mallow and Heuston. The final batch of photos from my recent visit to Venice have now been uploaded to https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/…/Italy-Tri…/i-CFxx4q9 If you have never been to Venice it is one place I would highly recommend you visit.
  8. Wexford Model Railway Club Exhibition Easter 2018

    Wexford Easter Model Rail & Transport Show 2018 The 10th Annual Wexford Model Rail & Transport Show took place over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Here is a selection of pictures from layouts which were on display at the show. Click the image below to view the gallery.
  9. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening folks, Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd April 2018: Pictures from the Dublin & South Eastern Railway at various locations between Kilcoole and Wexford over the two days, including the RPSI Steam Train specials from Dublin to Wicklow and Arklow. Click http://goo.gl/UMssTE to view the gallery.
  10. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening folks, Images from the past week have now been uploaded to the March gallery. Highlights include: Wednesday 28th March 2018: Pictures from Ballybrophy, Heuston and Dublin City Centre. Friday 30th March and Saturday 31st March 2018: Images from Newbridge, the worksite at Sallins, Kildare and Portlaoise during the engineering works affecting services to/from Heuston. Click http://goo.gl/CLKLzT to view. Also the first batch of images from my recent trip to Venice have now been uploaded. From a railway interest the highlight seeing the Belmond VSOE in the station prior to departure for Calais. Click http://goo.gl/eqonCb to view.
  11. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening folks, The pictures from my visit to Paris have now been uploaded to http://goo.gl/TRtYNp Again, like the visit to London the gallery contains lots of railway and non railway images from around the city. Also the latest Irish images have been uploaded to the March gallery at http://goo.gl/Uf6824
  12. Difficult to prevent mass downloading. While the platform I use (smugmug) has a right click disabled option (live on my site) there are still ways and means of downloading files. If you have any questions on smugmug that you want to know about drop me a line. W
  13. Photographic Website Updates

    Just trying a different angle Evening folks, Pictures from a two day visit to London have now been uploaded to the website. The gallery includes a wide variety of railway and non railway images. Click https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/International/2018/UK-Trip-London-15th-to-17th-March-2018 to view.
  14. Following the repainting of locomotive 071 into its original C.I.E. livery in May 2016 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the class, another anniversary in Irish Railway history was looming in 2017 as it would be 30 years since the founding of Iarnrod Eireann on the 2nd February 1987 when C.I.E. was split up into three subsidiary companies of Iarnrod Eireann, Bus Eireann and Dublin Bus. In February 2017, staff members Driver Ken Fox of Cork, Guard Noel Enright of Westport and Neil Dinnen Intercity Fleet Controller, Laois Train Care Depot made a suggestion to Peter Smyth, Chief Mechanical Engineer Iarnrod Eireann of repainting another 071 Class locomotive into a heritage livery, the original Iarnrod Eireann livery from 1987. For the 30th anniversary, No. 073 was the chosen candidate for repainting into the white stripe livery as it was undergoing a body overhaul in Inchicore Works. The locomotive was repainted at the Paint Spray Shop in May 2017, with minor finishing work carried out in June 2017. To re-launch 073 an event took place at Inchicore on Friday 7th July, where a line-up of three 071 Class locomotives was arranged to showcase some of the different liveries the fleet have carried over the last 41 years. Click the image below to see all the photos from Inchicore today.
  15. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening folks, Some pictures from an overnight trip from Portlaoise to Cork. Click https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2018-Photos/March-2018/i-DqwStDw to view. Enjoy!
  16. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening folks, A few more pictures from this week of Portlaoise, Limerick Jct. and Limerick. Click https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2018-Photos/March-2018/i-BVwM8tQ to view.
  17. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening folks, A few pictures of a snow covered Nenagh Station during the snow storm service suspension and lunchtime today at Rosskelton. Click https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2018-Photos/March-2018 to view.
  18. Photographic Website Updates

    Afternoon all, While the country battens down for Storm Emma, I caught up on my backlog of pictures from the past week. Friday 23rd February 2018: Pictures from Portlaoise, Limerick Jct. and Limerick. Tuesday 27th February 2018: On Tuesday evening I spent about two hours in Dublin City Centre observing and photographing LUAS Cross City trams in the City Centre. The College Green area was moving very well with no traffic delays to road vehicles or trams. Wednesday 28th February 2018: One picture of 22032 arriving into a snowy Portlaoise on the 0740 Limerick - Heuston. Click http://smu.gs/2FIAQjY to view.
  19. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening all, A bit of a PWD update this evening with pictures of 088 arriving at Portlaoise with a rail train from North Wall. Later on I stumbled upon it shunting the CWR train at Portlaoise PWD Yard. Earlier today 073 brought the Sperry Train from Mallow to Portlaoise. In other photos, Monday starts off with 222 hauling failed MKIV set 4001 past Portlaoise and a few MKIV sets passing Rosskelton today. Click http://smu.gs/2ooGZth to view.
  20. Photographic Website Updates

    Pictures from the past week have now all been uploaded to the February gallery at http://smu.gs/2sxzVzK Locations featured include: - Nenagh - Ballybrophy - Thurles (testing of 219 and common user 231) - Charleville (testing of 22001 on the IEHS trials. - Limerick Jct. - Connolly - Drogheda - Pearse - Broombridge - Harcourt Street - damaged OCS and stranded trams.
  21. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening folks, The rest of the pictures from my weekend in Mayo and Sligo have been uploaded to https://thewandererphotos.smugmug.com/2018-Photos/February-2018/i-vGdFZxv Highlights include 071 and 087 at Ballina on the IWT and Timber freight trains and the British Rail Southern Region 3CIG 1498 at the Quirky Glamping site in Enniscrone.
  22. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening folks, Latest update to the website has been uploaded featuring photos from: - Limerick - North of Athlone on the Westport line. - Claremorris (including the IWT Liner). - Ballina Branch. Click http://smu.gs/2Ei2anH to view.
  23. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening all, Pictures from the past few days have now been uploaded to the February gallery. Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th February 2018: Some pictures from around Killarney. Monday 5th February 2018: Just one from today of LUAS tram 3007 at The Point. Tuesday 6th February 2018: Pictures from Thurles, Portlaoise and Rosskelton. Highlights included 22001 moving from Connolly to Laois Depot on its own. All other previous transfers between Connolly - Laois Depot for this CAWS/ATP hybrid testbed set have been either as part of a trailing or middle set. Click http://smu.gs/2FTdE1t to view.
  24. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening folks, While passing near Killonan Jct. this afternoon I called in to see 22008 passing with the 1550 Limerick - Limerick Jct. Plus earlier in the day I stopped off at Nenagh Station to see 2814 + 2813 working the 0745 to Limerick. Click http://smu.gs/2nDB4QL
  25. Photographic Website Updates

    Evening all, A selection of images from the past week have now been uploaded to the website this evening. - Perway transfer from Limerick Wagon Works to Portlaoise. - Pictures from Thurles, Heuston, Connolly, Pearse and Killester. Click http://smu.gs/2rmNSQs to view.

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