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  1. KMCE

    murrayec's Projects

    Now that is a stunningly impressive model and associated talent bringing it together!! Well done Eoin.
  2. KMCE

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    Quick update: Dropped a note to Shapeways pointing out the broken parts on the model, and in fairness to them they responded quickly. In fairness, you cannot complain with that level of service - I'm very impressed. Looking forward to take two!!
  3. KMCE

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    Well...... Model went to Shapeways for printing. The system wouldn't accept the buffers, as the edge was too thin for their printers, so just left it with blank buffer beams - I can always add buffers later. € 58 lighter and 12 days later, a model was delivered to the door!! Cab roof and back were printed separately to allow me to provide detail with out the keyhole surgery!! Now the erudite among you might have noticed the the buffer beam is incomplete / broken, and the chimney appears to have been printed inside the smoke box! So a friendly chat with Shapeways will be needed to see what happened. They are not major issues, but other details appear to be good, so what's with these two errors? As for detail, rivets on the tank body did not render, however on the smoke box face and cab made the grade. It appears fine detail will render on flat surfaces, but not on curved shapes. A light coat of primer may help to raise more detail, as it is a little difficult to see the detail given the material its printed in. All in all, pleased with the result for the effort put in. Let see how this looks with some paint and sitting on a chassis. I may start a separate thread on the build of 495 rather than continuing here as the discussion has moved on from 3D printing. More soon......
  4. KMCE

    Query re GSR Drewry railcars

    JHB et al, My search for information on this type of railcar has led me back here - should have started here 🤔 I'm in the process of building one of these rail cars and am using the Worsley Works Kits to produce a broad gauge version and am running into trouble with the chassis, as the available photos do not provide enough detail. Progress to date: Scratch building aid kit as delivered (x2) Removing narrow gauge handles prior to splitting the body to insert the additional window (hence the kit x 2) Panel inserted and body made up. Scrap brass used to hold the inset section. Basic chassis made to set levels (wrong wheels - correct on order) but now need need a little more information to develop a more accurate chassis / underframe assembly. Is the information noted above still available?? Here's hoping... Ken
  5. KMCE

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    Hello MikeO, I am planning on using the High Level Pug Chassis - I will need to make some mods to this kit to allow for the 21mm, as it only allows for the 18.83mm P4. It may simply be spacers between the wheels and chassis and build chassis as per the kit, or introduce new cross-members in the kit to build out for the 21mm. It may be simpler to use spacers. The 3D model is nearing completion, and I may put it out to Shapeways to get their call on whether it will work and costs etc. Ken
  6. KMCE

    Benaughlin new layout

    Hello Derek, That's a cracking start to your layout. By coincidence, I also used the Florencecourt station house in my Port Cumtha layout due to its small size and good detail. I modeled it as it is now, rather than how it was, as in my case the layout is fictional (hence the name!). I'm working in 4mm, however given the amount of card cut for the various buildings on my layout, that cutting machine you mentioned, does look interesting and may have saved my fingers!! Good luck with the layout - one to watch. Ken
  7. KMCE

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    Getting the hang of this 3D CAD. Progress to date. Few more bits and pieces, and we may have model to print!!
  8. KMCE

    21mm track question

    Hello Robert, The sleeper length is 36mm (9ft) if I recall correctly. In terms of setting the track out, templot is what is generally used. It's free to download and use, however it is a bit clunky to operate initially. You need to set up the scale you want (5'3" gauge is there) which sets out all the necessary parameters to allow you set out sleepers, track lengths, and points etc. For spacing, I bought the gauges from Scalefour society (there may be others?) which are not expensive - you could make your own, but for the sake of c. £5, is it worth the effort? Hope this helps, Ken
  9. There is the option of painting white circles on the tender and smoke box and run her as an oil burner, post-war?
  10. KMCE

    Class 800 Drawings

    Eoin, Thanks for that - as mentioned, I want to get these scanned so they are flat and in proper digital format. Once they are in digital format, they are available to anyone who wants a copy as they should be dimensionally correct. Hopefully, I can then import them to CAD and draw them up when I have time. On the issue of sourcing drawing, I am looking for a few as I would like to build some ex DSER / GSR locomotives: Class 423: 2-4-0T Class 434: 2-4-2T Class 850: 2-6-2T Does anyone have a copy, or know who I can get in touch with to source a copy? All assistance gratefully accepted.
  11. KMCE

    Class 800 Drawings

    Looking at the locomotive drawings etc in Resources prompted me to dig out the drawings I developed for the Class 800 from the original. These were done the old way of pen and ink on the drawing board, as CAD was in it's infancy and cost more that a small house to buy, never mind the computer cost. I worked from the original drawing I requested from IE many moons ago. The drawing was taped to the board, and A1 negatives created from it - there is a huge amount of information on that old drawing, so I took the layers off and made multiple drawings to clarify the detail. I don't have access to the resources section, but perhaps it's a little early yet as I need to get these scanned / digitised with the intention of bringing them into CAD. Once they are scanned, perhaps they can be added to the resources section and will be available if anyone wants a copy. When brought into CAD, we will have more definitive drawings to work with. ** Edit Should have added this one as well. It is incomplete but when put with the drawing on the smokebox it provides the detail of the inside motion and fire tubes back to the boiler. Ken .
  12. KMCE

    David's Workbench

    That came up really well. Well done Sir! Ken
  13. KMCE

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    I have a lot of experience with 2D CAD as I use for work (the real work!), and downloaded the full version of AutoCAD on trial to try the 3D version. The commands are generally the same with the addition of stretching or providing depth to shapes. In a few hours this evening, I have come up with this as a first project. Looks basic enough so far, however it is possible to build up the elements in stages and bring them together. Boiler elements are dark grey, tank and chimney are light grey, cab elements are mid green, and by chance the footplate is in eau de nil. By doing it this way, it will be possible to deconstruct the model into component parts and print as a kit and assemble as one would a standard kit - it would be necessary to provide some additional material to line up parts etc. However given the size of this thing, it probably could be printed as a single unit. As to the costs - the eye watering bit is the cost of AutoCAD (€260 per month!), the DLP printer noted above is c. € 500 and resin is about €75 per litre. I terms of turning out models, what would make life much easier would be proper dimensioned drawings of the prototype (perhaps IE could help here?) which would reduce drawing time. At present, I'm trying to measure from an existing model, which is not really an accurate way of doing things! If I can convince the accountant that my CAD package is out of date and I need to upgrade, "there may be trouble ahead". (oo00OO...now why would an engineering company need a 3D printer?.....) Answers on a post card to the usual address.... Ken
  14. KMCE

    3D printing + DIY CAD

    This is an area that is piquing my interest at the moment. I follow this guy on Youtube & he recently demonstrated a DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printer The results look excellent, however the size of model being produced would be quite small - not an issue if you were to make a series of parts and assemble as a kit afterwards. This printer appears to be selling for less than €500 which (for those of us who remember) was the cost of inkjet printers not so long ago! Like inkjet though, it appears the resin is where the cost is c.€ 75 per litre which may make things a little expensive. It may not be the quality of RTR tooling, however for small and rarer items, this is starting to look a little more economic. Ken
  15. KMCE

    Goods Store Openings

    I use an ope size of 46mm wide by 64mm to top of arch - this seems to fit all locos & wagons I have. It also fits the arch sets available from scalescenes which I use to detail the building. That's a really nice photo and would make an excellent model - huge amounts of detail and would set back nicely into the board with a low relief backscene 👍 Where was it taken? Ken

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