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  1. KMCE

    David's Workbench

    Hello David, Another option you might consider are draughting pens - I picked up two Rotring Isograph pens (0,5mm & 0.2mm) for lining as I have zero experience with bow pens, but quite a bit with pens. Rotring & others provide different colours so it should be possible to make a suitable mix to get the colour you want. The pen has a simple internal cartridge which is easy to fill & clean. I find the pens easy enough to use on a gloss finish, and propose to airbrush a light coat of varnish over the ink to finish it. Oh - they also work very well with lettering stencils, so those hard to get transfers, may be possible with stencilling? Just a thought. Regards, Ken
  2. KMCE

    David's Workbench

    David, That is an impressive line up of motive power, all the more special as you constructed most of them. Well done Sir, and you're right not to hide them away in boxes - they deserve to be on display until their next outing. Beautiful models - you can be rightly proud of them. Ken
  3. KMCE

    Omagh archaeology.

    I'll help!!
  4. Edit to above. Ship in the foreground is HMS Warspite, an armoured cruiser which was a port guard ship in Queenstown between 1893 to 1896, and subsequently scrapped in 1905. Hopefully this gives a more accurate date than noted above. (Ok - I'll get my anorak and go!) Ken
  5. Both photos appear to be of Queenstown (Cobh). Date is most likely during or around WW1 given the ships in the first photo appear to be Royal Navy Cruisers or similar. Perhaps liberty men returning to ship on the tender just leaving the quay? For the locos, I think Eoin and John have answered that one. Ken
  6. KMCE

    101 class tender details

    Hello David, There is some very good information in the "Good Book" Clements & McMahon - chapter 11 on the various types of tenders used across the network. I think you mentioned elsewhere you picked it up recently - it may help? Ken
  7. KMCE

    Class 495 Build

    Fiddly little bugger! Parts from the High Level Pug kit - nice cast brass parts. Needs some tidying up and painting! Ken
  8. KMCE

    Class 495 Build

    After much hoo-hahing with other projects, the poor 495 was shelved for a while. It appeared in the background of some of the photos of other models, but was very much on the back burner. As I got the correct final drive gear from High Level quite some time ago, I decided to have another go at making some progress on this build. The hgh level kit is designed to insert the motor into the boiler and complete the gearbox while the cab was off, however given the 3D print was constructed with a full boiler tube back to the cab and a fixed cab, this was not going to work. Thinking cap on, I decided to redo the frames, include the fire box sides and create an underside for the boiler, which meant I could cut away the boiler on the 3D print, and include slots to allow the top of the gearbox up into the cab area. This means a separate running chassis and drop on body. Brakes on, cylinders, slides and cross head supports installed, gearbox completed and set in place to arrive at this. A front plate, which will both support the front of the boiler base, and tapered to replicate the back of the smoke box was added. Not overly visible due to the angle, but it will be seen later in one of the shots. As mentioned in other posts, the finish of the 3D print was not really good, which was only highlighted by a coat of primer. Much scrubbing with a fibre pen and some 1000 grit paper helped to reduce this roughness which will need another prime to check to see how the flattening is progressing. Plate replicating the back of smokebox is just visible in this photo. Some nicks and dings to be addressed, but overall the finish is better. In the interim, pick-ups were added at low level using a small strip of copper clad and 0.35mm PB wire, motor wired and running gear added. Quartering is proving to be problematic with slightly erratic running not helped by wheels not being completely true on the axles. In fairness the wheels are pretty trashed having being on and off too many times. I will get a set of spoked wheels from Alan Gibson which will more accurately represent the prototype which will help running. In spite of all that the loco runs; with an 80:1 gearbox this loco can operate at very slow speeds. I think a flywheel may help to smooth out the running also. 20190120_190334.mp4 More soon, Ken
  9. Eoin, Did the same thing myself on the 6 wheeler! Ken
  10. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    Got some work done on the 6 wheeler. Ditto here - roof did not fit so a new was made and rain strips added. Sides were also short when the tumblehome was added so ends needed to be sanded down to settle the body on the frame. The gap between the body and base was then strengthened and filled with a 1mm angle. Cleminson chassis built and underframe completed. Not the best chassis it has to be said, W irons were too far apart, even for 21mm gauge and required some tweaking to get right - it also seems to leave the ride height a bit high, and this is with 12mm wheels instead of the required 14mm wheel. There is no compensation, however the side play in the axles will probably be enough. I will leave it for now, but may look at re-doing the chassis if it gives problems. Even with said comments, it is developing into a nice coach. Brakes and a bit more detailing to the underframe to be completed and then off to the paint shop. Interior to be completed once painting is done. More as time allows! Ken
  11. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    Thanks John, I'll drop them a line and see what they have. Regards, Ken
  12. KMCE

    Modelling realistic Irish scenery

    Jonathan, While looking for some inspiration for Port Cumtha, I looked for some photos reflecting a town /dock scene from somewhere on the east coast. What was suitable for some guidance was New Ross, as it can be seen from the other side of the river looking onto the quays. River looks like a calm sea if the bridge to the right is ignored. Just a wee measure of artistic licence used, but there are some good backgrounds which would provide useful footage? I may chop and use some of the photos for a backscene, as the background is quite dramatic. Ken
  13. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    A heavily weathered version in GSR Maroon it is then! Ken
  14. KMCE

    7mm scale 101 - a tribute to Richard Chown

    David, Looking well. I'm with you on the wheels on and off. Seems to happen more often that I think it should, yet I have yet to work out a solution to either leave them on or off for longer. I like to keep the coupling rods off until the very end as that just adds too much hassle. I'm interested in the frame spaces you're using - are they kit parts set for broad gauge, or something you fabricated yourself? As I am scratch building, frame spacing is of interest - I tend to keep the frames quite wide and use a slightly narrower spacer for middle axle, allow this axle to move a little more for curves. How are you handling axle side play for six coupled? BTW the backhead look excellent. Ken
  15. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    Guys, Many thanks for the comments - very much appreciated. Agreed, there is a good bit of (enjoyable) work, and I have not checked the roof for fit at this stage - hopefully it will be OK, as there is rain water strips detailled on it which are very nice. I am kinda partial to the DSER side of things and there does not appear to be much stuff modelled that I have seen, so it seemed logical to start with these when scratchbuilding? Very kind offer and I will definitely take you up on the handbrake wheels. Could I trouble you for two sets rather than the end casings, as the horse box will also need them?? In the absence of the end castings I decided to scratch build frames to match the photo of the van with the later doors which appears to have a simple H frame. Really nice model to build and it looks well. Hope fully it will improve with a coat of paint. Possibly the Maroon mentioned in your instructions, or perhaps late GSR light grey for goods vehicles? Regards, Ken

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