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  1. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    That dog is the double of mine.
  2. 201 class

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LIMA-OO-IRISH-CLASS-219-RIVER-TOLKA-IE-LIVERY-DIESEL-LOCOMOTIVE-RARE-11A/202112310906?hash=item2f0ed51e7a:g:~0EAAOSwdnZaCbSU Rails of Sheffield have this for sale..Keenly priced .
  3. Cravens.

    Just a quick question,did the RPSI cravens ever run together with the green ones?Cheers.
  4. CIE bubbles.

    Hi all,probably a stupid question,but did the Irish Cement bubbles run along side the CIE bubbles.Thanks in advance.
  5. lima Galway coaches,

    Has anyone got a set of lima Galway coaches they would sell?PM me if you have..Thanks.
  6. Murphy Brothers wagons.

    Hi,selling these Murphy Brothers wagons.They are in mint condition,the box,out of ten,is an 8 because of part of the price sticker on the front.I am asking £45 which includes p&p to Ireland or UK.Thanks.
  7. Class 170 doner.

    Hi,I was looking for a class 170 as a donor for for a CAF 3000 but when I look it is either class 170/2 or 170/3 or 170/4 ,which one would be the right one.:confused:Thanks in advance to anyone that helps.
  8. Craven generator

    Hi,can an early craven GV be run with later coaches?
  9. Leyland bus CIE

    Selling this Leyland PD2 Highbridge C.I.E Dublin bus.Looking £20 which includes p&p.
  10. Northern belle

    Hi,looking for the Hornby Duchess of Sutherland train set R1065.If anyone has one they would sell,PM me.Thanks.
  11. NCE Power cab

    Hi all,selling this NCE Power cab.Have decided to stick to my original plan and go with analogue,much simpler for me.I'm looking £125 which includes the p&p.PM me if interested.
  12. Murphy Wagons.

    Hi,selling these Irish wagons 'Murphy Brothers'.They are in excellent condition and the box is good also but for the stickers on the front.The running numbers are 29 , 32 and 33.Looking £40,which includes p&p.PM me if interested.Cheers.
  13. Hornby Northern Belle

    Hi all,looking for Hornby Northern Belle train pack R4539.PM me if any body has one to sell.Cheers.
  14. Hi,does any use the Auto-Sw NCE Automatic program track adapter for Power Cab and is it needed?Thanks in advance.
  15. rake of cement bubbles

    Would 6/9 bubbles make up a rake?Thanks in advance.

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