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  1. Northman

    Irish auto-ballasters.

    All sold now what ever he had.
  2. Northman

    Irish auto-ballasters.

    Irish auto-ballasters for sale from DC kits. https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=155
  3. Northman

    RPSI Coaches

    Does anyone know if the RPSI are doing a second set of blue and cream coaches?Cheers.
  4. Northman

    IRM Ballast wagons

    Keeping them.
  5. Northman

    IRM Ballast wagons

    not a problem,PM me please.
  6. Northman

    IRM Ballast wagons

    Hi all,I have decided to put these wagons up for sale again.I have packs 1 2 and 3.Will sell them for £110 each pack plus £7 postage.PM me if interested. Cheers
  7. Northman

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Hi all,what A class would I need to pull Taras,cravens,ballast wagons etc ,thanks in advance.
  8. Northman

    Irish buses.

    Hi all,looking for the following buses:-NORTHCORD IEBUS0005 Volvo ALX400 - Dublin Bus Coastal Tour CORGI OOC OM 46203 CITYLINK GALWAY IRIZAR PB1:76 MODEL BU PM me if you have one for sale.Cheers.
  9. Northman

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

  10. Northman

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    What if you don't like them weathered😀
  11. Northman

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    It makes them a bit toyish looking rather than a model.I was waiting for this new batch to come out thinking they were going to be better. 😞
  12. Northman

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Should that gap be there between door and roof?
  13. Northman

    IRM Ballast wagons

    Back in the cupboard they go.
  14. Northman

    IRM Ballast wagons

    Hi all,I have decided to put these wagons up for sale again at exactly what I paid for them £330 plus £15 p&p & insurance for packs 1 2 and 3..I'll put them up for a week and if they don't sell ,back into the cupboard they go.PM me if interested. Cheers

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