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  1. purple

    Weedspraying Train - South wexford Line

    At least a greenway preserves the right of way. I think it's really shortsighted, but then, neglecting the South East is normal for the government.
  2. I want to experiment with Irish N scale. Would this chassis suit as a base for N scale 141 built from the Valve Design 3D prints available on Shapeways? https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Tomytec-TM-21-Motorized-Chassis-14-meter-A-N-scale/222896351383?hash=item33e5a86897:g:aqQAAOSw2cVatelb
  3. I took some pictures of the Western Explorer at Athenry earlier today. Lovely 16MP Detail !
  4. purple

    Mk2d Generator van

    I have a pristine 5609 that I'd be happy to swap.
  5. If only I lived closer . I must pay a visit when I acquire my car transportation again.
  6. purple

    3D from Hatton's

    This is more to do with corporate silliness than anything else. You can run Flash Apps in iOS using AIR and Flex (http://flex.apache.org/) which is now Open Source, although not yet fully cross platform.
  7. purple

    3D from Hatton's

    The cloning and piracy problem will always be there in one form or another, it is unavoidable. There are clever and sensible ways around this though. Restrictive DRM that install horribly invasive software similar to viruses on people's computing machines does nobody any favours and annoys legit users without really stopping piracy. Some software (eg Adobe) and music (eg Spotify) companies have moved to subscription models recently. I guess with 3D printing model files you could set something up like Spotify for 3D printing - you can print as much as you like for €20 a month but the software downloads the G-Code for your specific printer and print parameters rather than the 3D model file itself. So the slicing is done on the server, the user never gets the source 3D model file.
  8. purple

    3D from Hatton's

    @BosKonay - Is this not what ShapeWays already do? I'm working on building a delta arm printer at the moment. I was going to make some buffer stops in OpenSCAD too. I'll share that file on here when I am done.
  9. purple

    3D from Hatton's

    That basically sums up most of the problem people have with 3D Modelling. The machine is working still, I just haven't been doing much modelling or printing lately. Have the printer set up really nicely and intend to try and make a few railway related things soon .
  10. purple

    3D from Hatton's

    Calibration is key to good 3D quality printing - I've yet to see a printer that is plug and play and it is unlikely you will for a while. That MakerBot is very expensive for what it is - I'd strongly suggest purchasing one from a European or Chinese company so you get it cheaper. 3D modelling is a skill that needs to be learnt, but it is no worse than learning to solder or use a lathe, you can get good enough at it quite quickly and then it is just practice. I have a background in programming computer graphics so I forget to some people it is completely confusing.
  11. I took these pictures on the way from Waterford to Galway on Monday when an unexpected opportunity occurred . Thought they might be useful to anyone trying to model log wagons. Click on the image to get the full resolution versions from imgur (10MP)
  12. purple

    Railway books for sale

    I would be interested in the books, but I can't collect until the end of the month.
  13. I only travelled from Waterford the day before. Lucky I went back to Galway when I did!
  14. Love the ICE. In the ICE3 you can see out of the driver's window if you are in the first car. Cool view when I was on one between Mannheim hBf and Frankfurt Airport.
  15. purple

    1 Christmas Show in Galway 29.12.13

    Bugger, am not back in Galway until Monday. Curses .

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