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  1. More great news, with 12 bubbles, pre-orders of 9 PCA and PCV each, I never knew i liked bulk cement so much.
  2. Sails

    eBay Watch

    Talking of large locos, have you had a chance to hold (in its box anyway) the class 70? Now that's a beast of a model,
  3. Sails

    eBay Watch

    Well I'm thinking of buying it, sitting on it for 6 months, then re-selling €400. its obvious that this particular loco was designed by a superior craftsman whose work fetches a fine price. I also invest my money in early 1990's Mikado biscuits.
  4. I was traveling all week and went to the delivery office today to pick up the waiting parcels. A deluge of diesels, the two 47's were back from sound installation and weathering, 37401 is going to get renamed/renumbered to Lord Hinton 409 and the two railfreight 37's I picked up because they are 37/9's so something different. Lord Hinton yesterday when I was leaving Norwich There is something deliciously sinister looking at the 37/9 viewed head on
  5. Sails

    Dapol Chiltern Railways 68

    Good to hear you say that the Dapol 68 is a good and quiet runner. Ive had several Dapol locomotives that I had to return to the retailer because they were really noisy runners. So much so that it was a terrible distraction, but also being a DRS loco fan I wouldn't mind of of these, lets see if I get lucky on the quiet running...
  6. Sails

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    I'll repost proper once home, travelling and was uploading from my phone, which doesn't appear to have been a success. Mark
  7. Sails

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    81BD0A2D-4907-44F0-8FC3-336AB3B8817A.MOV 81BD0A2D-4907-44F0-8FC3-336AB3B8817A.MOV A couple of my new mk2’s behind a 33, those coaches really do need a good weathering. D54E0C70-5654-4DCC-9A72-9032DAF49475.MOV 81BD0A2D-4907-44F0-8FC3-336AB3B8817A.MOV
  8. Sails

    IRM Fert Wagon

    I would be okay waiting until Q1 '19, between the Tara Mines and other UK stuff coming out, I'm pretty well knee deep in 00 gauge debt.
  9. Sails

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    I paid, set the precedent last week when I picked up those two DRS 37's and went for a steak meal and bottle of wine.
  10. Sails

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Picked my six coaches up this morning, sent by Marks Mpdels. we are out having breakfast together, bit of a get to know you session. Marl
  11. May as well add to this post without starting a new one, I have a couple of queries some one may be able to help with. The large island platform that is just visible and has the water tank at the end, does anyone know when this platform was taken away? I am thinking it was sometime in the '70s, I cant remember it being there in the 80's. There are plenty of still photos of Barracks street but I have heard of a video on YouTube showing a cab view of some shunting going on. Tried every search combination but cannot find it, can anyone point me to a link for this video? Thanks in advance, Mark
  12. Sails

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Got my order in yesterday, looking forward to their arrival.
  13. Sails

    Double height Beet Wagon kit is now available

    That's what I was thinking also, I'm not a kit builder and would never be happy with my work, so I'll leave it in the hands of the RTR chaps.
  14. Sails

    eBay Watch

    Hi Noel, Its the branding of this kit item as a Murphy Models product that I am questioning, why didnt the seller list as a kit built class 121?
  15. Sails

    eBay Watch

    The much anticipated Murphys Models Class 121 has finally arrived, 🙄 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Murphy-Models-121-Loco/263751276389?hash=item3d68cd1765:g:CxQAAOSw0GNbHk4w

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