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  1. Sails

    eBay Watch

    Hi Noel, Its the branding of this kit item as a Murphy Models product that I am questioning, why didnt the seller list as a kit built class 121?
  2. Sails

    eBay Watch

    The much anticipated Murphys Models Class 121 has finally arrived, 🙄 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Murphy-Models-121-Loco/263751276389?hash=item3d68cd1765:g:CxQAAOSw0GNbHk4w
  3. I don't do the weathering myself as I could never get anywhere as good as these photos. This is the latest batch of stock I sent away to get weathered and as usual the gent that does this work done a fantastic job. Mark
  4. Sails

    Murphy Model Craven Buffet Coach

    no too sure if this is old news but Kernow's announced this morning via facbook "Murphy Models announce a further production of the Craven Buffet Coach, due late October / early November" There site has been update to start accepting pre-orders. Mark
  5. Hi Noel, I went with Wheeltappers 071 with power drive, very happy with it. I had listened to most that had samples available, there was one I wanted to try out, Mr Soundguy but his Irish diesels are not on his site at the moment. Think I'll get sound into one my 181's next and put my new spare speaker to good use. Mark
  6. Success, Thanks Noel, done as you said, working just fine. Mark
  7. Gents, I have an 071 that came with a speaker already installed and I have received a DCC sound decoder to add to the loco. The decoder has come with a speaker wired, a quick check and when I start it up the speaker wired to the decoder is the one working. Before I cut any wires (as Im terrible at this sort of thing) am I ok to disconnect the speaker that came with the decoder and the installed speaker on the 071 will then work? Thanks in advance, Mark
  8. Sails

    Stockists of MM Sound Decoders

    Thanks Noel, exactly what I was looking for, will scan through the sites later. Mark
  9. Not too many stockists of these, I see Marks Models has some in stock for the 201, has anybody else seen sound decoders available elsewhere? Mark
  10. Sails

    Nir sets x 2

    Whats with all the Lima rolling stock coming onto Ebay recently? Very noticeable in the last few weeks.
  11. Sails

    Silverfox Models A Class

    Ha cheers guys, rule number one of attaching photos, - don't do it without a tiniest bit of editing!! Eoin, yeah don't see any obvious strands broken, sealing up as you say sounds good. Thanks as always, Mark
  12. Sails

    Silverfox Models A Class

    Right I managed to cut through the glue after a bit of bother, not so soft after several years in place though. Unfortunately I managed to nick a couple pf wires in the process, I'll fit a decoder and see if it runs, however what should I do about those wires? Will they be okay? Hope the photos are okay. Side note, what was this original beats judging by the chassis? Thanks, Mark
  13. Sails

    Dundalk Area

    Thanks Leslie, any help would be appreciated. Mark
  14. Sails

    Dundalk Area

    Hi All, Has anyone done any layouts from around the Dundalk area? Now that I'm in my new house and I have been planning to try and model something around the old Barracks Street depot, a lack of recent maps though of the ground layout is hampering planning. If anyone knows of a resource to help it would be great. Regards, Mark
  15. Sails

    Class 121

    This is why I want to see this model, fond memories of travelling home from college, I think the 1825 from Pearse street to Dundalk, the grumbling 121 at the rear, good times.

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