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  1. steventrain

    LIMA Murphy Models

    Excellent, Complete set.
  2. steventrain

    LIMA Murphy Models

    Good find, the missing is Card tunnel. The Hornby sets, Slainte Express was production in 1976. Hornby to dropping production of Triang style bogie motors with black wheels by end of 1977, In early 1978 it will replace by new 'ringfield' motor with plastic bogie and chassis with silver wheels on Hymek and Class 37. The hornby logo was 1976-77. Have a look at history of Hornby logo - http://www.hornbyguide.com/logo_menu.asp
  3. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    Delivery from postman. TM800 0-6-0 tank loco booklet with box date 1955.
  4. steventrain

    Belfast Model Railway Exhibition

    I enjoy trip to Saturday to see around the show for hour and I vote for Ardmore MRSI best layout.
  5. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    More arrive add to my Collection - Mint boxed Marklin Hamo 2-rail 8389 BR03 streamlined red livery. Box code date 1971.
  6. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    Latest arrive - Rare Marklin 37455 Insider BR45 off ebay at cheaper price with ebay 15% discount PIGGYBANK coupon.
  7. steventrain

    Belfast Model Railway Exhibition

    Who said 29th? It should be 22nd September.
  8. steventrain

    Belfast Model Railway Exhibition

    It work OK with wordpad free. Docx mean Microsoft office as I do not have account.
  9. steventrain

    Tri Ang catalogue

    eBay item number 292689360214
  10. steventrain

    Belfast Model Railway Exhibition

    Sorry, Can not open file.
  11. steventrain

    Model Rail Show August 4th weekend?

    List of Trader stall/layouts late this week.
  12. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    Latest arrive to my collection - 37872 One time series MHI Class E93 Electric locomotive mfx+ and sound.. (No more available from Marklin). Came with driver.☺️
  13. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    Yes, You visit at my place on 21 May 2003 (Celtic lost to Porto in UEFA Europe final). I have old photos of my wrenn collection IN 2004 before sold to another private collection. Some Tank locos included rare 0-6-2T W2217A, W2292. W2401 Princess Alice, W2286 City of leicester and Rare W2228M2 5Pole City of Birmingham W2261 black watch, W2266a City of wells and W2278 Blue funnel. W2262 royal scot green, W2247 Clun castle and W2224 8f W227A Sir Williams Stanier, W2228A City of Edinburgh and W2226 City of London. The missing photos is W2299, W2294, W2281, W2265, W2266, W2268/5P, W2228AM2, W226M2, W2210AM2, W2400, W2401, W2402, W2407, W2413, W2415, W2416, W2305, W2311, W2417, AND ABOUT 40 OTHER INCLUDED Royal scot and LMS Streamlined.
  14. steventrain

    Marklin Collection.

    Got the Marklin Insider 2018 39567 switcher Crocodile.

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