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  1. Marklin Collection.

    Latest arrive. 49968 Construction Crew Car Set. Prototype: 3 different German Railroad Track Construction, Inc. (DBG) freight cars. Type Kbs two-axle stake car, a type Res four-axle stake car, European standard design with length of 19.90 meters / 65 feet 3-7/16", and a type Fcs dump car. Plausible paint and lettering scheme for the era. 36431 DB Maintenance Network, Track Construction Group, class 233 "Tiger" heavy diesel locomotive. The locomotive looks as it currently does in real life. 36431 came with a digitally sounds and controlled cold steam based smoke unit with distilled water. See video.
  2. bidding for NIR 071

    Some head to head crazy bidding on other listings. Rare Marklin Blue crocodile with 4 days to go https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Marklin-H0-37564-Das-blaue-Krokodil-DIG-mfx-SOUND-OVP-TOP-D131/391959675979?hash=item5b429e044b:g:pagAAOSw86JaV1XB Look at bidding history. I already have one in my collection few years ago.
  3. Please vote for IRM!!

    I have done vote for you.
  4. Marklin Collection.

    My Marklin layout by Central station 2 with some boosters.
  5. Marklin Collection.

    37811 BR50 mfx from 2012 new item. 37815 (same as 37811) BR50 mfx weathered from 2012 new item. 37813 French State Railways (SNCF) class 150 Z (former class 50) mfx/sound from 2012 new item.
  6. Marklin Collection.

    36187 Vectron Class 193 Electric Locomotive 200th birthday of Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Märklin 1817 - 2017. Limited worldwide to 1,817 pieces. 37154 Luxembourg State Railways (CFL) class 5600 (former class 52) freight steam locomotive. Version with a tub-style tender and Witte smoke deflectors. New items brochure 2012 - Product programme 2012/2013 Marklin Insider 2017 39753 BR75.4
  7. Marklin Collection.

    3649 GM Demonstrator Digital F7 ABA Diesels. 39623 F7 “Ontario Northern” special for USA Market. 3357 BR103
  8. Murder on the Orient Express

    Marklin 3Rails/trix 2Rails production as limited series. Price RRP 599 EUR. But all sellout to orders. Sold out at factory. Some on ebay but nearly 1000 EUR.
  9. Marklin Collection.

    3058 BR151 Electric loco.
  10. Marklin Collection.

    3357 BR103.
  11. Collection stolen in England.

    See link. https://www.marklin-users.net/forum/posts/t39090-ATTENTION-ATTENTION--COLLECTION-STOLEN If you seen any came in Ireland, Just contact me to pass on to ocram63_uk.
  12. The Biggest Little Railway in the World.

    Coming soon to UK viewers of TV is a TV show to be called 'The Biggest Little Railway in the World'. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4566462/Model-train-track-weave-record-74-MILES.html
  13. The 2017 Exhibition will be held on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April at Bangor Grammar School Gransha Road Bangor Co. Down BT19 7QU On Saturday the times will be from 10am to 5pm On Sunday the times will be from 1pm to 5pm LAYOUTS Dalry Road Ian Atkinson O Gauge Lego L Gauge R Vallenduuk L Gauge Road Runner-esque Les Conn G 9 Thomas Circuit Erne MRC OOGauge Jersey Bill Evans L Gauge Quarry Corner First Bangor MRC N Gauge London Underground Foyle & Londonderry MRC 00 Gauge Great Fergus Adam Keegan 00 Gauge Quarry Sidings Brian King N Gauge Ardmore Model Railway Socy Ireland O Gauge HO American Peter McVicar HO Gauge Willow Park North Down MRC OO Gauge Standfordingly Tony Ragg O Gauge Moira William Redpath OO Gauge Lego City John & Louise Snclair OO Gauge T Trak N Gauge Swindoncaster South Dublin MRC OO Gauge Lisburn Ulster MRC OO Gauge Nalchendra Warley MRC O - 16.5 unnamed D Wynne N Gauge DISPLAYS Tank Diorama Stephen Armstrong 7mm scale locos Phil Aspinwall Electric powered planes Bangor Electric Flying Club Model Aeroplanes Belfast Model Flying Club Transport Artist David Briggs Display Downpatrick & Co Down Railway Railwayana Headhunters Museum Model Aircraft IPMS (UK) Ni Junior Modellers Zone Matchstick Models Peter Harris Meccano Corlust Group MERG Electronics display Locomotive and coach Richard McLachlan Demo NI Modellers Assoc Scalextric rally track NI Scalextric Club model boats Pickie Boats Dolls House Miniatures Karen Sinclair Wargaming North Down Wargaming Group Radio Control Model Cars Ulster Model Car Club Die Cast Buses and Trams Maurice Wilson Demo loco building Raymond Wilson TRADE Models,Scenic & Ass Joe Barlow display/photographs Belfast & Co Down Railway Trust Railway Buildings Dawson Hall Sales kits ,videos D&E Videos/DC kits Scenics All Scale Models Trains Chris Dyer Diecast Models Roy Henderson books badges etc Irish Steam Pres Soc electronics Andy Lowe Electronics Various model Marks Models Baseboards const Model Rail Baseboards Models/scenics Modellers Nook Second railway stock North Down MRS Irish wagons Provincial Wagons Metal Soldiers Dioramas Warren Rainey Car lorries Truck & Rally Crs Model accessories Edward White Irish outline OO Wagons Irish Railway Models
  14. Price Rising.

    Model train prices are rising because of pound's devaluation http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37755137

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