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  1. Silverfox Models NI 101

    Having seen this loco today and yesterday at the Bangor show, I fancy getting one. They bare a striking resemblance to the Western and it’s always my favourite loco sitting at Cultra. Looking at the website I see it is available in kit form with the only requirement a Class 20 donar chassis. Has anyone built one of these kits and if so could they point me in the right direction of the donar chassis required? Are they as detailed as the MIR kits with the etched brass? Finally, I’d like to produce it in the blue so is there a suitable option in the Halfords range that would suit? Thanks all for any help. Paul
  2. North Down Model Show

    GNR, no apologies necessary, I didn’t make any effort myself. I spent about two hours at the show and it felt like 5 minutes. Did anyone else see The Belmond sitting at York Road later in the day? I passed it on my way home at 5. Paul
  3. North Down Model Show

    I think that is possibly the best show yet. The layouts were superb and the trade stands seem to have grown in size. A brief hello with Warbonnet and a nod to Garfield plus a chance to see those bubbles in the flesh. I’m very tempted but I’ve yet to justify how they fit in to my layout. Never got to chat to Leslie but I’m maybe thinking of taking another run down tomorrow. Time took over and I didn’t quite get to see everything. GNR, sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you. That guy in the station masters outfit was eye catching. I bought a single photo of Ballymena but alas only of the engine shed. If you like pics of old locos though, well he was your man. Paul
  4. barrow street

    Kinda wished I hadn’t seen those now! Incredible work, the detailing is superb, the buildings magnificent, the raised trackwork impeccable. Paul
  5. barrow street

    Yes, we need pics and lots of them. Paul
  6. Patricks Layout

    I like the inclusion of the catch point on the siding, something that’s often overlooked in modelling. Paul
  7. barrow street

    Stunning looking. Is that a generic design they’ve produced or one to your specifications? Paul
  8. GNR Signal Box

    Glenderg, pm me details and I’ll send a copy to you. Paul
  9. kadee's and Hornby couplers

    Couplers are something that have nagged at me for ages and I wasn’t sure in which direction to go to rectify the issue. I want close coupling similar to what you have produced and with this in mind bought a pack of No.18 Kadee couplings to experiment. This was after seeing them in operation on another layout and the ability of uncoupling using only a magnet set in to the track. First experiements are mixed. The short coupling isn’t long enough to extend beyond the end of any coach stock I have - mainly Bachmann - so I’ll order a pack of medium to see how they fair. The short couplings work fine on any freight stock I’ve got so they won’t be wasted and I can also fit them to some locos. Im of the same opinion as you Noel when it comes to standardising pockets for whatever coupler you choose to fit. The positioning of some pockets are so far back that medium or long couplers are the order of the day. How difficult is it to say a coupling will be ‘x’ height from the rail, sit ‘x’ distance from the buffer beam and have the same pocket across the board? Scale is set in many other departments so why not here? Whatever is required, I’m sold on the Kadee coupling. They are expensive but give a more realistic look of coupling, are exceptionally easy to uncouple to lift stock away and provide a simple solution to decoupling without the hand of god or stick being required during train movements Paul
  10. Omagh Goods Yard

    Looking really good. The only problem I see you have is similar to mine - not being able to capture the whole layout in one shot! Paul
  11. GNR Signal Box

    Mike Thanks for that, I hadn’t heard of Alphagrahix before. As to the kit, I’ve already got mine sorted, check out page 2 of my Galgorm Hall thread. Jonathan, PM me your address and I’ll send a copy off to you . Paul
  12. I contacted the museum at Cultra searching for more information on Ballymena Station. I really have to say that the service the curators provided was second to none. An email was followed by a phone call with a number of contact points for me to persue things further. Whilst they couldn’t provide me any documentation on the station they did post me copies of track plans of Ballymena for three different time periods. They also provided a copy of the generic Signal box design favoured by Berkeley Dean Wise. Not only does it include dimensions for the box (to be altered according to the size of frame required inside) it also covers the type of brick to be used, the Bangor slates for the roof, the grade of timber for the window frames, the depth to which the brick should be laid and the furnishings and painting of the interior. Absolutely fascinating. Should anyone want a copy run off for their own perusal please pm me and I’ll sort it out for you. A big thumbs up to the staff at the Transport Museum. Paul
  13. Omagh Goods Yard

    Rotating the entire track plan slightly and adding the slightest of curves to some of the sections has really enhanced the look of the layout no end. The moving of the turntable also de-clutters things too. I’m really liking what you’ve done. Paul
  14. North Down Model Show

    Ahh, Warbonnet, mines a coffee, milk and no sugar. Looking forward to it. Paul

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