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  1. Omagh GNRi Station

    I had built the bridge below for my previous layout and wanted to incorporate it in to the new one so the height levels were based on this. I don't recall exactly what that height was but I think it was something in or around 70mm - not far off the measurements you are aiming for. Paul
  2. Omagh GNRi Station

    The usual method for producing varying heights round the trackbed would be to construct an open baseboard. I didn't follow this approach as I already had my baseboards built from the previous layout. Instead, I ascertained what height I needed the track to be at to form the under bridge and raised the trackbed on wood formers to the relevant height. For much of the layout this is just a snaking trackbed above the baseboard with the exception of the station area which has a significant area entirely built up. This method just requires careful planning and knowing what and where you want features to be positioned in order that everything is constructed prior to any track being laid. With your carpentry skills, I have no doubt you could produce a much more professional job than I managed. Paul
  3. Omagh GNRi Station

    It all sounds very promising GNR. You currently have a flat baseboard constructed, how will you go about producing the height differences required to produce those features? Paul
  4. Omagh GNRi Station

    Roger that. Paul
  5. Omagh GNRi Station

    I've been awaiting some progress, any pics? Paul
  6. Ballyercall (New Irish Layout

    Having ripped up my previous layout in Code 100 I opted for the Code 75 this time round. This decision occurred about a year ago. I think if I had my choice again now I'd be swayed towards the Bullhead option. The points look very impressive and much less toy like and the sleeper spacing would appear more aesthetically pleasing too. Paul
  7. Peco Code 75 flex-track

    I bought my first pack of flexi from Hattons with that price in mind but was subsequently contacted and told I'd have to pay £10 shipping due to size to Northern Ireland. I think their postal rates is a default setting. Since then, I've checkedout TrackShack and discovered they do it for £76 posted. I guess, if ordering, order by phone to ensure you know the full price before committing. As for local stockists, mine took 3 months to come up with the goods as he messed about with excuse after excuse. Fortunately, I was in no hurry for it. Paul
  8. Galgorm Hall

    I'm not sure Jhb but they are unusual and a must to model, I think. The one at the Derry end has only the single feeding arm as opposed to two arms that fed both the main and narrow gauge lines at the Belfast end. I took a look at them today and apart from that obvious difference they both would appear to be exact copies of each other, if you ignore that one is white and the other grey! I think I need to construct both of them simultaneously to ensure I follow the same methods in the build process. Will take a stroll up to them later in the week to photograph. Paul
  9. Galgorm Hall

    Thank you everyone for the kind comments. jhb, i like that story from the Kildare cabin. I think my next build will be either the two water towers situated at either end of the platforms or the small mess house that was located close to the engine shed. All to be confirmed. Paul
  10. Galgorm Hall

    Thanks again for all the positive comments since my last posting, really appreciated. Tonight, I downed tools for the last time on this project having painted the steps, installing the board in the box and fitting two downspouts to either end. A curious thing happened the other evening as I popped in to my local model shop checking on my order of track. I got chatting to someone and in the course of conversation we discussed our layouts. In a passing comment he mentioned the modelling of this signal box as he'd come across it on this very forum and revealed to me he was a former signalman of the actual box. I learnt a few new nuggets of information on the local station and he was also very complimentary on the build. It was a pleasure to have met him and I hope our paths will cross again Ian. Anyway, as said, the box is finished so in an attempt to show it off to its best I've photographed it against a white background to attempt to prove the lighting. Paul
  11. Thought for the Day

    A well made n gauge layout looks terrific with prototypical length trains but I just can't get used to the scale of it myself. For me, it's too small, detail is lost in the scenics and I think the track looks overscaled against the locos and stock. Having said that, you look at the likes of Copenhagen Fields and the scope you have to create a protypical or fictitious town round the railway makes the whole medium very tempting, if you can get past the negative aspects. Paul
  12. Omagh GNRi Station

    I think most of us get those notions of long freight and coach trains in so much that we strive to make the largest layout we can. Of course that doesn't always work out for the best as the time, enthusiasm and eagerness to have something to run the trains through doesn't always reach fruition. I like the drop in board you've added to the shed, you seem to be planning ahead in the hope of creating that full loop. Seeing the boards on all four sides and knowing your thoughts on what you want to produce I would be seriously considering the N gauge option, particularly if it's a medium that you feel comfortable working with. I'm guessing the biggest stalling issue with N is the availability of Irish based stock whether that is rtr or to kit bash. Paul
  13. David's Workbench

    Just unbelievable work. I think the modeller is his own worst critic knowing every little blemish and wrong path taken when striving for perfection. To everyone else, you have achieved perfection and have to deal with the green eyes of envy. Presently, I'm very very green! Paul
  14. Galgorm Hall

    Yikes! I didn't think I'd got the signal box that wrong!! Paul
  15. Galgorm Hall

    Patrick, that is exquisite work, just love it. Paul

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