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  1. Thank you everyone for the additional information. I can imagine boisterous excursionists heading straight for the side exit. As long as you could show your ticket on the way back to any platform staff checking, presumably everyone was content.
  2. Thank you Galteemore for that information. It sounds quite narrow, makes me wonder how the station coped with an influx of passengers when excursion trains arrived or departed on sunny summer afternoon/evenings. Sadly most of the year at other times there mustn't have been a lot of trade so a small concourse would have sufficed.
  3. Hi Colm and contributors on BCDR matters, Your work on reproducing County Down locomotives and carriages is very pleasing to the eyes. My curiosity is what the passenger saw when exiting Donaghadee station's platform going down the ramp to the outside. The photo (and acknowledgement to the photographer) indicates an archway apparently plastered over with an ordinary household door insert, the latter I take it too small for passengers coming and going during railway days. Richard Craig's piece on Donaghadee and it's branch has an aerial photo which indicates that there was a gap betwe
  4. You wait long enough for one bus then two arrive at the same time. Sorry the photo quality isn't great.
  5. Sometimes dreams do come true, and this certainly is the case with Paddy's great model locos. I have thirteen of his 141/181s, just couldn't stop acquiring them when they came out. Wonderful models. Thank you Paddy for your energy and magnificent contribution to Irish railway modelling. David Belfast
  6. I would favour the ivory "irish cement" and ivory cie". David Belfast
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