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  1. Fantastic layout - really captures the atmosphere of the Irish countryside!
  2. Wow, looks great! This is making me seriously consider 21mm for a future layout.
  3. Jaysus, this is mind-blowing news! No more hunting on eBay for tippex mk2ds or, indeed, mk3s! I had long given up on ever finding a tippex mk2d EGV.
  4. Fiacra

    Why GM?

    Lots of interesting and informative responses - fascinating stuff!
  5. Fiacra

    Why GM?

    Perhaps, but I'm guessing they would also have been more expensive once delivery costs were factored in. And, this being Ireland we're talking about, finances would surely have been limited. A number of small and large diesels that BR introduced in the 60's went on to live long, productive lives on their network, so it's not as if they were incapable of producing reliable locos. Or, perhaps I'm wrong about the costs - maybe the GM locos worked out less expensive, even with the delivery costs?
  6. Fiacra

    Why GM?

    I've always been curious as to why CIE decided to order locos from GM. When the cost of transport from North America is factored in, surely they would have ended up being far more expensive than buying from a manufacturer in Britain? Perhaps the unreliable nature of the original A class engines cast a shadow over British-built locos, but by the time the GMs were ordered in the 60's and then again in the 70's, there were a number of comparable (in terms of power) tried and tested diesels running in Britain. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very glad they did go with the GMs as they're such iconic locos; I'm just curious as to the thinking/finances behind the decision to order from GM rather than a manufacturer closer to Ireland.
  7. IR Mk2D's - yes please! I would certainly take a rake of them.
  8. There's a blast from the past! I came across this place by accident, probably in the late 80's, at a time when I thought I knew all the model shops around Dublin. I seem to remember they didn't have a huge amount of railway stuff, but they did have some impressive looking radio controlled airplanes. Speaking of model shops in post offices. What ever happened to the model shop that could be found in the back of the post office on Berkeley Street (again, way back in the 80's)?
  9. Indeed, I should have mentioned that I've picked up a rake of Craven's. It's the intercity stock that I'm on the lookout for now.
  10. Hi folks, For people like myself who are getting back into railway modelling after a prolonged absence, it's amazing to see the range and quality of diesel locos that are available on the market or soon to be released. I have my orders in for the 001, 121, and I've managed to pick up a couple of 071's and 141's. Unfortunately, for my planned mid-90's layout, there's a dearth of RTR Irish carriages on the market. The MM supertrain liveried Mk2D's look great, but are the wrong era for me. The photos I've seen of previously released MM Mk2D's in IR and IE liveries also look fantastic, but seem very hard to come by these days. So, I'm wondering if MM might have any plans to do another run of Mk2D's in IR or IE livery, or if perhaps IRM have plans to release Irish Mk2's or Mk3's? I know that repainting BR carriages in my preferred Irish livery is an option, but to be honest, I don't think I would be able to do the job to the necessary standard that would be required for them to sit alongside the MM and IRM locos. Judging by the rate at which the supertrain Mk2's seem to have sold, I'm guessing there's still a decent demand out there for passenger rolling stock?
  11. Great - thanks very much!
  12. Hi folks, I'm sure this question has been asked and answered many time here, but I've searched the forum without success. If anybody can help me out with the following, or direct me to a comprehensive source of info on the matter, I'd be extremely grateful....... 1. When was the IE 3-pin plug livery introduced? 2. I've seen plenty of photos in which some locos sport the IE 3-pin plug logo and others sport the IR point logo, so presumably there was an extended period of transition from one to the other. My question is, by when would the IR logo have been completely phased out? 3. Lastly, when were the dayglo panels first added to locos? Many thanks!
  13. Looks like these ones ended up in Taiwan
  14. Lovely looking model. The trackwork on that layout looks very well too - what make/model of track is it?
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