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  1. Does anyone have any pictures of the bogie rail wagons on the mgwr or any of the timber wagons used if so could you pm them to me.
  2. Here's a MGWR 20 ton brakevan I've been working on. It's a convertion from an LNER 20 ton brakevan that I bought a few years back. It's far from perfect but it looks the part
  3. Hey all, I was wondering if someone could send me any drawings of moate station as I plan on building it
  4. Thanks here's a full picture of the Woolwich
  5. Progress on hopper
  6. Can anyone tell me what this was used for on the hoppers and was there another one at the other end
  7. I plan on trying to make a midland hopper wagon using this dapol hopper
  8. Hey all, Due to the corona virus I have a lot of spare time to model. I'm currently working on a MGWR 12 ton locomotive coal wagon and I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of the MGWR timber wagons as there were none in Ernie shepherds book. Any pictures of other 'unique' wagons like the butter vans or the 40 ton bogie rail wagons. I will post pictures of the coal wagon later.
  9. I believe someone called Sparkshot Custom Creations on shape ways sells 3d prints of the furness railway k2. Maybe one of them might work for a convertion?
  10. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any drawings of the MGWR A, C, K , G2 or L classes. If anyone has drawings of wagons or carriages as well could you send them to me, Thanks.
  11. I'm not necessarily making anything permanent atm, I'm mainly just building the station along with locomotives and rolling stock. Once I have everything built then I will start to put it together
  12. He it's a pity those pictures are hard to come by. Can you send on those photos as I need something to keep the boredom at bay during this virus Thx for that. Hornby wagons are quite expensive arent they
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