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  1. I might just take you up on that, BosKonay - if you can get in touch, I'd appreciate it (we can talk offline, and see what develops. IRM will have my email, being a customer). Thanks.
  2. Fran, semi-off topic - do you design the mould (plates) or the factory? Is the product design just provided and the factory take it from there? I need to get a plastic "box" made up, so the info would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. RKX

    Guinness Keg Wagons

    Store them in Dundalk and we can skip up to Newry to use Royal Mail. No need for customs forms around here. 😉 I'll make some pallet space for you.
  4. RKX

    IE starter sets

    I remember getting a, what I imagine was a quite expensive, CIE set, back in the 70s, and had the screws out with a knife, within the hour (I probably wanted to see the "engine" inside the loco). So, a cheap, cheap set for kids is the way to go. Something like a Smokey Joe, with a couple of cheap wagons (usual Shell Oil, stuff, etc.). Something colourful, to catch their interest. Maybe a siding, aswell.
  5. The rates I quoted were China (Dalian or Shenzhen) to Ireland. Wouldn't know the US rates from China, but do know when we ship from Mississippi to Ireland, we pay more for the train to the port, than the actual sea cost.
  6. Ha. Yes, they hold a special place in my heart, from playing on them as a kid (when they were parked, ready for the breakers). I don't want 2,000 of them, though. I appreciate the offer, and maybe take you up on that someday soon. And vice versa, if you find shipping form China expensive.
  7. Thanks Fran, Yes, 2,000 is a sizeable number to shift. Just doing the number, and love to see how things fold together. Too busy in the day job to be your next competition, though. Best to alway stick to what you know. 😁 Yes, the vat is sizeable, but gets refunded. Not bad if the container arrives close to the end of the vat quarter, but a killer if you have to wait almost four months.
  8. The crowd funding example makes an excellent read - thanks both for sharing. Having said that, I think some of the figures are way out. I know this is US, but typically a 20ft container to Ireland costs €1,100 and 40ft box about €1,500 (as opposed to $5000 - maybe they were located in the middle of the US, and needed road haulage inland). 25% fees for credit card and spurious expenses is also very, very high imo, but that's the retailers problem. Taking his manufacturing costs as accurate (including tooling, CAD, assembly cost per unit), then a 2, 000 run of, say, a brake van, would cost around €40 per unit. By my rough calculations. Would you a) sell 2,000, and b) what could you reasonably sell them for?
  9. Bachman selling coaches at €80 includes Backman's profit margin, so I'd imagine a crowd funding exercise would have a lower price (if you could get someone with knowledge to take it on). Otherwise it'd be not much different to a Pre-order. Or am I reading it wrong?
  10. Thanks for the reply. Yes, 1500 is a lot to shift. If you find any more ballast hoppers, when you're stock taking, I'll take a few ploughs off you. 😁
  11. Indeed. They're just on my personal wish list, but appreciate their not viable in the Irish market. If you don't mind me asking, what size was the plough van run? Give or take.
  12. I met the guy a few years ago at the Canton Trade Fair, and kept their fa tory details. Before the lockdown I sent a general mail to see what the score was, but that MOQ was for wagons. I didn't ask about locos. I'd personally love to see a completed CIE 20T brake van released; you've stated in the past this is not on IRM radar. 540 min order might be viable, for a mid range model?
  13. Are we getting a little spoilt now, and would there be existing interest in a run of an identical model (without those mods you mention), therefore keeping the price low, as the moulds exist? I missed out on the original run, so not too sure about the quality of the product, good or bad. As for the 200 quid, many are bidding on Ebay up and over 300, for Used, without these mods, suggesting interest is there.
  14. I spoke to a Chinese manufacturer some time back, and their MOQ was 540. Not sure of the quality from that manufacturer, and certainly 540 would not be viable if all the tooling had to be made, BUT if the existing moulds could be bought cheaply (even rented) then a short 141/181 run might just be viable.
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