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  1. I haven't been active on this forum in a few years but have posted plenty of photos on the Irish Railway Modeler Facebook page and many members here would have seen the finished Carlow model and my other projects on that page. As queried here is an update. The initial plan was to have "round the room" type layout with Carlow Station on one side and the Sugar Factory on the other. I did finish the Carlow station model but decided to build a model of Ashtown station on the other side instead of the factory. The layout is in my Shed and since completion I have been concentrating on N gauge projects. I find that although the quality of OO gauge models being produced is out of this world the scale itself is just too big and it is difficult for most modellers to run prototypical trains in the space they have available. Nevertheless I have purchased most of the IRM releases as they are just too good not to have and run on this layout. Here are some photos of both sides of the layout.
  2. Hi all, I've decided to build a 00 gauge layout which is my first venture into the scale. This will finally give the stock that I've built up over the years a home to run on! The layout will be in my Raikway room which is a converted garden shed and will be an around the room style layout. I've decided to build my home town station carlow and include the sugar factory. My sugar factory however will be rail connected unlike the real one which had it's rail link severed in the 1960s. The factory sadly closed in 2006. All buildings and traffic flows will be prior to this date to achieve realism. I've started the ball rolling by using the scenecraft model of carlow station and scratchbuilding the extensions to it. Here's a few photos of progress so far. More updates to follow as I progress. All comments and suggestions etc are welcome.
  3. Brilliant Work. Progressing nicely. Looking forward to more updates.
  4. Folks, Many thanks for all of the compliments about the layout. It means a lot when they come from fellow modellers. I plan to exhibit the layout next year & it will make its debut in Wexford at Easter. In the meantime I will try get my hands on one of murrayec's LHB Dart units & get some stock built. In the pipeline are: A refurbished enterprise set. Green Goddess 29000 unit Japanese Dart unit I plan to post updates/pictures of these projects as they progress. Many thanks again
  5. Lovely work Noel. It really is taking shape & its not easy to recreate a disused look in model form. Looking forward to the next update
  6. I finally finished the layout.........that's if a layout ever really is finished! I plan to build some more stock for the layout next and will post up pics of progress. In the meantime here are some photos of the completed layout.
  7. You are making great progress Noel. Looking forward to future updates!
  8. Thanks for all the kind comments folks. Progress has been slow over the last couple of months due to other commitments but the model is nearly done now. I just have the signalling left to do & a bit more detailing. Here is a few pictures showing the layout as it is with the completed canopy over platforms 6/7 and the OHLE. @MikeO: Regarding the DMU conversions: The 2700 is mainly a repaint job. The only modifications necessary is to relocate the gangway doors a little bit lower than where they sit on the Cl 158. The 2800 requires a bit more work. The units have a nice shape & are wide just below the windows. To achieve this I overlayed clear plasticard along the coach sides to get the desired shape of the unit. I cut out the areas for the doors & then glued the plasticard to the coach sides. When fixed in position I filled the ends & did some work on the cabs again adjusting the gangway doors. Once this is done a neat paintjob will set it off. Hope this helps you & well done on all your other N gauge projects.
  9. That looks fantastic Eoin. I cant wait to get one on the Connolly layout! It is perfect as it is even without any further adjustments. Also the tomix chassis is an excellent choice to power the unit.........I will PM you with my order! Fair play to you for developing the Dart in both 00 & N.
  10. Welcome to the site IrishN. Brilliant work there! It really is great to see someone else modelling modern image Irish. Your use of the 350 Desiro unit as a donor for the 8500 dart unit is brilliant. That aspect is something that I love about modelling in N gauge & trying to figure out what can be used as a donor etc is half the fun! I used a 350 as a donor for a 29000 DMU where as you have used the same train to model a Dart! Your bus is a lovely job too. Fantastic skillful work & keep the photos coming
  11. Great to see something like this taking place. The best of luck to all concerned I hope it is a success.
  12. Lovely work! I particularly like the interior. Well done
  13. Hi Murrayec, Thanks for the update on the Dart. Glad to hear it is getting there & fair play to you for developing it. The 00 scale models are simply stunning. Do you think it one would be ready by Easter time? I plan to take the layout to the St Josephs show in Wexford & would like to have a Dart unit to run. Paul.
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