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  1. That's sounds fair enough but how is the coach cooled during warm weather, with no opening windows?
  2. Thanks leslie10646 - His name was Joe Dennis
  3. Would anyone here know of any older drivers who are still about? My grandfather died in active service whilst driving The Enterprise from Belfast to Dublin in 1965. Just wondering if anyone would have known him and also know what happened when he died.
  4. Let's hope that the local graffiti artists don't decide the freshly painted coaches!!!
  5. OK, this is my first post on these forums and although I don't know a huge amount about the interior of Executive Brake Generator Van 913, I have some interesting info about the exterior that could make for a very interesting project. Executive Brake Generator Van 913 began life in BR as a Brake First Corridor, a Mk2b. When purchased by NIR in 1981, it became a standard generator corridor brake second. In 1989, it was converted to an Executive Brake Generator Van. This is where it gets very interesting. If you go to around 3:21 on this video , you will see a Dublin to Belfast Enterprise arriving into Drogheda in 1993. Executive Brake Generator Van 913 is the first coach. You can see the vented windows. Now, if you fast forward a little to where the train is departing, you get to see the other side of the coach. You will see that it has Mk2d/e/f style windows!!!! The toilet window is still of the earlier type. This is because Air Con was fitted. It also makes for a highly unusual and unique coach. In 1995, it then became a generator brake first open and I believe it reverted to being a standard pressure vent vehicle. So not much help on the interior but interesting info on the interior, I guess.
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