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  1. Looked at the video again, the sealed window side (compartment side) are reduced height D/E/F style whilst the sliding toplight ventilators on the corridor side are full sized.
  2. In the second Youtube video from Drogheda that I posted in this thread last Wednesday evening, what is suspected to be the Brake First Executive (1st carriage in the consist) has sliding toplight ventilators on the corridor side and sealed windows on the compartment side, making this a very unique carriage. As for the apology, absolutely no need for it Would have been very easy to mistake something like that which you've not seen for a long time.
  3. I couldn't view it as I'm not in the UK but I think I found the same programme on youtube and if so, the interview in the 1st class NIR Enterprise carriage is just a regular MkII non-AC open First.
  4. I don't suppose you would have any photos of video of the interior of it?
  5. "You have either better, or worse, eyes than me as I can't see any sliding doors in the first video clip. Of course that could be because the coach had already been converted to open plan seating some years before." I watched on a large screen, the sliding doors of the compartments are definitely visible. It's probably the Brake Executive Generator Van. It's definitely a generator coach because it has the side venetian vents. The last coach in that consist is an ex BR BFK Standard Class Generator Van, again you can tell be the side venetian vents and lack of a rear window for the driver.
  6. Probably the same carriage I mention in my previous post as it had only 3 passenger compartments instead of the usual 4, with the rest being the brake/parcels/generator section.
  7. If you go to 3:35 on THIS youtube video at Malahide from 22nd August 1993, you can see that the first carriage (a BFK) is still a corridor as you can the sliding doors inside. Incidentally, the train itself is a very long 13 piece GAA special.......probably about as long as they got! At 3:22 in THIS Youtube video from July 1993, you can see that the first two carriages are BFKs. What's noteworthy is that if you view the train from the other side as it leaves Drogheda station @ 4:10, you can see that the windows are of the non-opening variety on the first carriage as this carriage became a
  8. Has anyone got any photos or better still, video of any of the interiors of the NIR Enterprise Mk II corridor stock? I see on this video from 1988 https://youtu.be/dJZb5z_TVag that the second and third carriage look to be second class corridor carriages, which would have been ex BR first class corridor stock so I would imagine they would've been rather comfortable. Even if there are no photos or videos, does anyone have any recollections or stories of travelling in Mk II Enterprise carriages?
  9. Thank you Jon.....you look after that house move first!!!! Have never been to IIRS site @Hueston train staion but I know the building well. When the Pox (that made me giggle!) clears up a little, I will definitely make it my business to pay a visit.
  10. I recently joined up to the IRRS, assuming that I could search for old journals but unless I am doing the wrong things, I don't appear to have that ability which would be a shame if it's the case.
  11. And a newspaper articles about the accident. Anyone ever know a Joseph Pipping?
  12. Ahhh, I got you now, thank you. I'll post the photo of the plaque when I find it, in case anyone would like to see it.
  13. Thank you so much for that, Leslie and David. Regarding the plaque, I have a photo of that. I'll post it here when I find it. My cousin went to great lengths to get that plaque created and installed in the Enterprise waiting area as it finally meant that CIE/Irish Rail have officially recognised that he died whilst on duty. A second copy of the plaque was also created, which was presented to Joe's wife Anne (my grandmother) in August 2018. Anne passed away peacefully a mere couple of weeks after that, perhaps happy that she had finally gotten the apology she had been waiting for, for almost 53
  14. Oh Wow! Thank you. You don't realise what this means to me.
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