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  1. Hold on there Tonto i dont drink petrol after travelling from way out west you think that so called Hotel would have had enough in stock knowing there was a show on anyway it wont happen this time around and dont forget my kit
  2. That was the problem in that dump no cups in the hotel bar { paper ones } i think it was a set up as the tight git from the northside had offered to buy me a coffee tried the restaurant no luck went to the bar only to be told sorry we have run out of cups T B H not great for a Hotel but hey if it was on the Northside , probably would have got a china cup and some choclate cake for 2 euro
  3. will there be china cups ? or paper cups ? hope its better than stillorgan could not even get a cup of coffee there
  4. A Rake of 6 Bachmann Container Cars with Containers 2 x Dapol Container cars with Containers plus 5 spare containers all boxed { as new } the Dapol cars have been primered ready for weathering , the Bachmanns are all original 160 euro plus 8 post {open to decent offer } pics to follow
  5. No Need to be sorry noel but it is a sport and good to see an Irishman taking the prize http://www.ufc.com/discover/sport we have come a long way from the Thank you verry much MR EASTWOOD days
  6. Class 201 river dargle 222 as new test run only dcc fitted with murphys mm0004 6 function chip { also new } professionally weathered 180 euro plus 10 post to ireland { registered }
  7. Nice to see some Good News in Irish Sport after the events of the last week http://www.msn.com/en-ie/sport/mma/mcgregor-gets-vegas-vengeance-with-thrilling-victory-over-diaz/ar-BBvRvKQ?li=BBr5KbJ
  8. Should be good tonight his cousin is competing in the long jump Ding Dong
  9. Hi that was my original plan but sadly the holder is visible if mounted underneath it fits just perfect in the back compartment in the cravens next attempt will be a MK11 and see how that works out
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