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  1. Lovely work all round as usual David
  2. Top class modelling - well done
  3. I was aiming for that . I thought the date and time came out well! Next time I will clean the lens!
  4. Great little film have forwarded o to Bantry members!
  5. We have been busy adding Mod Roc and starting to sort more of the scenic side out on Bantry. We have had a lot of great help from Mike and Andrew Sharpe( Two club members) on the electrics Turntable has been tested and works!! Have attached a couple of recent pics.
  6. Lovely work. That roof is superb-excellent weathering.
  7. Great model all round - well done.
  8. Pleased for the comments folks. Yes Mick joints do show up more with a camera! We (Led by Andrew )have started tidying up the wiring and checking other problems. Broithe - Di (my wife) very pleased with the lemon drizzle report! Will post some if you get withdrawal symptoms.
  9. Yes hope they succeed in their efforts . Would be a good station building to model
  10. Thanks for all the likes folks. Hope to have layout completed with fiddle yard and scenic by next year.
  11. Pictures from our exhibition on 1st June
  12. Donations still coming in now over £105,000. Went to Stamford today to do some shopping. Talking to a shop assistant whose son goes to the same school where the damage was done, when it was announced in the school the names of the culprits were well known. Seems like everyone new it would be them. She mentioned a name to me and said he deserves a good slapping or more! She said it gives Stamford a bad name as it is a great little historic town - many are not happy. They say these kids will have a hard time finding a job locally when they leave school. Food for thought.
  13. Over £104,000 now raised. Although this can never replace the layouts it shows again the community spirit of Railway Modellers and the great public.
  14. Sleaford Model Railway club were going to take 2 layouts to the exhibition-luckily we were going down early Saturday. This moronic act happened at 4am Saturday morning. Market Deeping club are a great bunch- gutted for them. We have earmarked 4 lamp posts.
  15. Thanks Mick will bring it in again soon.
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