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  1. Hi Mick thanks for that. Hope we can run Bantry this Autumn-fingers crossed but probably will be next year. it will be walkie talkies from one end to the other! C class glazing sounds a bit fiddly to me but I bet it looks great. Hi Jim hope all is well with you I get my chinchilla dust from a secret factory in darkest Lincolnshire-the workers get the chinchillas to shake the dust off themselves as they come through the door They then bag it up! Just a thought with a name like chinchilla they would be good for cooling your face in hot weather!
  2. The pink and white buildings are card surface coated with shellac first. Then when dry I laid the wall face up. I then painted them with 1) Pink chalk effect pink paint then while wet sprinkled with chinchilla dust, (sieved through a nylon pop sock-not mine!)most stays on the paint and is left to dry overnight. When dry shake off stand building upright and any dust that has not stuck will obviously drop off. You can go over any "bald" area by sprinkling sieved chinchilla dust on the patches and paint over the dust with the pink paint. I was worried that the effect might be ruined by doing this but it works. The cream/white is Sandtex paint applied as above. Gordon Gravett uses chinchilla dust for ground surfaces but I found it very effective for buildings Hope this helps-anything else you need to know please ask. I believe the effect is pebble dashing Thanks for kind words
  3. This is the photo of the actual houses taken in March 1961 Photo not very clear but you can see them!
  4. Long time no post but here we go. Pictures of our latest buildings on Bantry-complete apart from weathering and shop sign etc. These houses will hide the fiddleyard
  5. Lovely work all round as usual David
  6. Top class modelling - well done
  7. I was aiming for that . I thought the date and time came out well! Next time I will clean the lens!
  8. Great little film have forwarded o to Bantry members!
  9. We have been busy adding Mod Roc and starting to sort more of the scenic side out on Bantry. We have had a lot of great help from Mike and Andrew Sharpe( Two club members) on the electrics Turntable has been tested and works!! Have attached a couple of recent pics.
  10. Lovely work. That roof is superb-excellent weathering.
  11. Great model all round - well done.
  12. Pleased for the comments folks. Yes Mick joints do show up more with a camera! We (Led by Andrew )have started tidying up the wiring and checking other problems. Broithe - Di (my wife) very pleased with the lemon drizzle report! Will post some if you get withdrawal symptoms.
  13. Yes hope they succeed in their efforts . Would be a good station building to model
  14. Thanks for all the likes folks. Hope to have layout completed with fiddle yard and scenic by next year.
  15. Pictures from our exhibition on 1st June
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