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  1. Such a lucky crew!!!! Fantastic work!!!
  2. Be eating doc leaves and dandelions for the next year!!!!!! Now where did i put my wallet!!!! Beautiful models!!!!
  3. Thanks for reply tried a complete reset cv8=8 no joy made sure decoder fully home on the pins still no joy tried the decoder in my other 2 121's got the same issue no main headlight im sure your right about the bit in cv's that need to be turned on its finding the correct cv and the bit dont want to mess about too much with the cv's and completely mess things up was thing of returning the decoder to marks models where it was purchased and exchanging for another see if I get the same issue
  4. well thanks for all suggestions im off to that place they call witts end
  5. Have just tried your suggestion a few times still no luck.
  6. Still no luck with this issue. Is my Lenz system just not compatible with these new murphy chips??? Have tried the chip in my other murphys 121 models and same problem. No main headlight working even when model is moving!!!! I have found that F1 and F2 seem to work in reverse ie turning them on in the normal way on the lenz handset actually turns off the marker lights and turning them off on the lenz handset turns them on. The model works fine in analogue with all lights working. Seems I have a function mapping issue which Im not confident in my abilities to fix tend to make things worse. Any help would be appreciated
  7. My Lenz system seems to work in odd ways with the murphys chip F1 AND F2 work only the marker lights F3 works the shunting mode no other function keys do anything with the chip Im pulling whats left of my hair out at this stage
  8. Thanks for the info , Seems to be a unique setup will persevere and see how i get on i had hope it would be just plug in the decoder and away u go models are getting more complicated these days
  9. Hi Yes it is .MM006 chip for the 121 the non sound version
  10. Hi Guys A little help required. Just got a murphys decoder (non sound) for my 121. I have movement in both directions and marker lights work fine but no main headlight either cab or bonnet end will work I know the headlight is working as I have tried it under analogue .All the micro switches have been put in the On position also Do you need to function map the decoder so that the main headlight will work? I use a LENZ LZV 100 controller .Any help would be appreciated .Great model and silky smooth when running just like the main head light to work also Many Thanks Joe
  11. OOOHHH GOD!!!!! My poor credit card!!!!!
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