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  1. Would take at least three if Mayner (John) were to produce the brass overlays or kits
  2. DB JOE

    Here's to 2020

    Happy New Year to all here may 2020 bring lots of new goodies from IRM!!!
  3. Many Happy Returns to all at IRM/ACCURASCALE and thanks for the card lovely touch again. I'm braced for next year releases (I think) pity about my credit card though hasn't come out of ICU yet...….Have a great day!!!!
  4. DB JOE

    Project 42 Update

    Got mine today fantastic wagon very happy with them. Just a quick question for the IRM lads …..any chance those little yellow container ISO locks would be available separately as there seems to be just 4 per wagon?
  5. DB JOE

    Project 42 Update

    Wrenneire please keep me posted if you will have them for sale!
  6. DB JOE

    Project 42 Update

    Hope there is a re run..... took my eye of the ball too!!!!!
  7. DB JOE

    Project 42 Update

    Sold out????? Jeeeeeeezzzzz!!!! Damn and blast it!!!!!
  8. Be interested in a maroon gsv if they are still available
  9. Clean up on aisle 3 Jason shit himself again …. fantastic looking wagon my credit card will be in ICU with all these releases coming One thing for sure Im gonna be a lot thinner cos I wont be buying food
  10. DB JOE

    42ft Sample Arrives

    They look great! My poor credit card will be on life support this year
  11. Even has the original price tag on £44-95 and they are looking for £130? At that rate my collection would make me a millionaire
  12. Well done to all! Great result!
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