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Triang English Electric Type 3

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Next project on the bench - a Triang EE Type 3.




Replacement power and trailing bogies found on eBay.  


Like the recently completed Brush Type 2, this is a friend of mine’s model that I am upgrading.  He wants the retro look retained to a certain extent but one of the main requirements is for the loco to run on code 75 track so new wheels are essential - these new bogies fit the bill.

They will also, hopefully, sound less like a bucket of bolts than the modified Triang motor bogie when running.

Lamp irons and handrails fitted to the noses.



The taped “bracing” on the main grilles is to create an impression of the real thing.  They will be removed after the next primer coat.




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Second Triang EE Type 3 on the bench.  This one will be a split headcode version using some Westward etched bits that I picked up on eBay a couple of years ago and some 3D printed headcode boxes that I just ordered.





I will be using replacement Hornby Railroad Class 37 bogies fitted to a modified Triang chassis.



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That takes me back I had a brief fling with BR 'modern image" modelling during the early 1980s and converted a second hand Triang 37 into a Scotrail with split headcode boxes (Crownline) and yellow nose.

I have a green Jouef Class 40 somewhere with Crownline detailing, last oepend the box about 20 years ago 😉

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