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For Sale: IRM IR Livery A Class Locos

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Hi All.

Firstly, if this post is in breach of the forum rules, I apologise in advance and I'm happy for admin to delete it.

Much as it pains me to do so, after I had bought myself duplicates of the IR livery A Class locos for re-numbering, I have to let them go.

I run a small animal welfare charity here in Tenerife, called AsoCat. Things became a bit difficult after BrExit, as Brits had less to donate, and, strange as it sounds, many of the Brits living here are / were pro-BrExit, and didn't want to be involved with or help a charity run by somebody who is openly anti-BrExit.

Still, we were scraping by until the pandemic hit. Any remaining donations dried up almost immediately, and ten weeks of lockdown in early 2020 made it impossible to do our jobs. We were under curfew for seven odd months after lockdown ended, pretty much until just after Christmas 2020. The lockdown and subsequent curfews meant that we could not be out on the streets at night when we needed to be.

The focus of our charity is castrating and re-homing stray and abandoned cats. On top of lockdown, subsequent curfews and a lack of donations, many vets stopped working or went out of business, making it much harder to get appointments, even if there were funds, for urgent cases. Sadly, we also saw a spike in the number of cats (and dogs) dumped as people lost jobs. Aside form the cats, I caught several dogs on the streets and delivered them to the local police during the pandemic, some with collars, some with wounds were microchips had been gouged out etc.

So, the combination of all of those factors has seen an increase in the number of stray and abandoned cats on the streets, and I am basically out of money to keep funding the charity.

I donate a quarter of my wages each month, but it's not enough.

As a result, I am selling four IRM A Class locos, with the following caveats.

1. Price is €360 per loco.

2. Payments are to be made by standing order, directly to the AsoCat bank account in the form of monthly donations of €15 for 24 months, totaling €360 EURO.

3. Shipping is to be paid for by the buyer, and probably works out at €20 per loco, but that's not an exact price, just an estimation.

I'm well aware that there are cheaper options out there, but the installment plan may suit some people better than a large one-off payment, and small monthly donations are what we desperately need in order to keep working at what we do.

The four locos are brand new, in box, never even opened, and are:

1. IRM-1113 Irish Rail livery A Class no. 048

2. IRM-1114 Irish Rail livery A Class no. 017

3. IRM-1115 Irish Rail livery A Class no. 054

4. IRM-1116 Irish Rail livery A Class no. 036

I am aware that trust may be an issue, and having almost been burned once here on the forum, yes, I am fearful, but am prepared to take the risk in order to bring in funds for the association.

AsoCat website:


AsoCat Facebook (not updated in a long time as I work during the day and do the charity work at night) :


AsoCat listed in the government registry (you have to search for "AsoCat" in the "nombre" field) :


Thank you.

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