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WANTED - LIMA NIR 201 in Blue

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Robert Davies

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Hello my good fellows!


I wonder if anyone has a Lima NIR Blue 201 - either 208 or 209, not fussed either way.


What I would like = Mint boxed with all the detailing bits, but will consider any reasonable offer.


I can only pay via Paypal but I will of course cover the fees.


What have you got?


From following Dave's thread, I understand AGO Models picked up a load of these locos, but minus detailing bits - I'd be more than willing to consider a minter of one of these.


I'll let this run for a week or so, and then re-assess.


...and yes I do know St Paddy has one on the long finger, the very long finger... :)


Thanks chaps!



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Just an observation, nothing more, nothing less....




It's been months since an NIR 201 went through on ebay, within 36 hours of me saying I'd like one, three appear!


Ebay must be doing a deal on listing fees.




ps In case anyone's wondering I am not in anyway accusing anyone on here of doing anything underhand in this matter - sincerely.

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