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  1. Received my copy from the publisher a few weeks ago, perusing through it slowly - great work JHB. Paul R.
  2. Hi JHB, Regarding signage - the venue could do with some on the road leading up the the site- both ways. I travelled by car to visit on Saturday 10th, if you don't have sat nav or google maps on a smart phone you would be snookered, the signage on the main entrance is lost with the large overhanging trees. There is some train signage on poles as you walk into Malahide castle grounds it might be pertinent to salvage these and use on the main road up to the site from the train station on city side - I saw at least three signs on lap posts in the cast grounds on Saturday. I agree with Drew re signage in the venue - it definitely could be improved - a notice board also - there was a family at the venue on Saturday and they asked about steam train excursions - the staff did not know anything about RPSI steam trains or DownPatrick for that matter - a notice board could help inform for such situations , other model train exhibitions as well. Anyway a few more thoughts that should be considered. Hope this helps Thanks Paul R.
  3. Back in the day we supplied sugar beet first to Tuam, when it closed then to Thurles and when Thurles closed toMallow, the beet to Tuam went by rail from Clara, but the beet we grew under contract went by Road to Thurles and finally Mallow. Beetpulp was deliver back to the farm by lorry or collected from the rail siding at Tullamore station. Beetpulp was always in paper bags never loose when we grew beet at home in the midlands. Hope this helps PR
  4. Yes Noel, we are disappointed too as we thought things (COVID) would be sorted by then or at least under control , but given the current uncertainty its impossible ( Crystal Ball in hand) to know how things will be by then so the safest thing to do for everyone participants and visitors was to cancel for this year. Thanks Paul R.
  5. Hi All, Due to the ongoing uncertainty around the control and eradication of COVID 19 infection in Ireland and following a virtual EGM the club has decided to cancel its bi annual show in Blackrock College for 2021. We apologise but this is totally outside of our control and rather that continue with planning for the show we have reluctantly come to the conclusion that we have to cancel our show for 2021. I am sure everyone can understand. Thank you SDMRC
  6. DartStation


  7. A recent entrant into the world of model railways I was into model tractors and matchbox toys in my childhood and never had a trainset. 

    Initial 'toe in the water' with model trains was with British rail outline stock but then I switched to Irish. Bought my first train stock while working in Leeds in the 1990's.  

  8. Hi PJR, C rail has the pack you need - you can get them on their web site. C rail intermodal
  9. Hi All Apologies for the delay in sharing the list of traders and Exhibitors for the 2019 show this weekend in Blackrock College - proudly sponsored by Irish Railway Models. Please Note list may change without notice: Irish Railway Models All Components Eoin Murray Model Trains Model Railway Baseboards Una's Miniature Wonderland Brian Collins Enterprises and Martin O'Hanlon D & E Videos /DC Kits Chris Dyer Provincial Wagons Jim Poots Model Buses Derek Farrelly Model Buses John Keenan Model Buses Adrian Jackson (Lemon) Model Buses David Rowe/David O'Connor Model Buses Neal Cahill Model Buses Museum Of Childhood Ireland Project - information stand G Model Scene - scenic accessories Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind Times Past - model trains and accessories Irish Railway Records Society Railway Preservation Society of Ireland Maritime Museum Marks Models Donegal Railway Restoration Society Weir Park Books Murphy Models Clifton Flewitt Layouts Des Mc Glynn - Ballyheady T-Trak group Quarry Sidings - UMRC- N Gauge layout SDMRC - Rue de Boise - HO scale DCC layout SDMRC - Schonblik - HO Scale DCC layout Dublin Model Slot Car Club Dublin Model Car Club MERG - group meeting Saturday only LGB - Garden Railways O'Dunlaing Lego family layout Thomas the Tank engine - layout The Viaduct - 00 gauge layout Ballyconnell Road - 3mm Irish outline Kildare Town - 00 gauge Irish outline A Glimpse of Austira - HO gauge Brick.ie - Lego trains Model Railway Society of Ireland - Ardmore - O gauge SDMRC - Maxwell Lane - N Gauge SDMRC - Hayden Road - N Gauge First Bangor Model Railway Club - Charlie's Ridge - N gauge American First Bangor Model Railway Club - Trebor's Park - 00 Gauge Wexford Model Railway Club - Little Siddington - O Gauge Octavia Hill - Tony Ragg - 7 mm scale North Down Model Railway Society - Mill Road - 00 Gauge Hopefully something there for everyone ! Opening hours : 11-5 daily Saturday ,Sunday & Monday
  10. We are finalising the list of traders and layouts attending our show at present and will publish it here in due course, The list on our website ( www.sdmrc.ie) is a first draft some more will be added. Thank you Paul R.
  11. A few pics of the first pre production 121’s on their way to Ireland for testing enjoy
  12. Just a further update on the SDMRC show over the Halloween weekend, there will be a vintage shuttle bus service between Blackrock College and the Dun Laoghaire Harbour Rally over the weekend starting at 13.00 hrs from Dun Laoghaire to outside Blackrock College on the Rock Road, the service will be 13.30 hrs from Blackrock to Dun Laoghaire. This is for Saturday and Sunday; Monday to be confirmed. Thanks to our friends at the Dun Laoghaire Harbour Rally for providing the service for what should be a great weekend. Thanks Paul R.
  13. Hi Leslie, Dun Laoghaire station is modeled from the 1980's it was built as a request from CIE to launch the first DARTs on the line through Dun Laoghaire - 1984. It has been fully refurbished and will be running some of Eoin Murray's fine new DARTS at the show along with the original kit based models that were built at the time of its first outings. There might even be an Ammonia train or two making its way to Shelton Abbey! Thanks Paul R.
  14. Hi All, Here is the list of exhibitors and Traders attending the South Dublin Model Railways Show at the end of the month. This list is subject to change without notice Trade All Components Brian Collins Enterprises Martin O’Hanlon Sales Una’s Miniature Wonderland D&E Videos / DC Kits Chris Dyer Provincial Wagons – Leslie McAlister and Richard McLachlan ‘G’ Model Scene – Model Scenery Jim Poots – Bus Kits & Paints Derek Farrelly – Dublin Bus Models Michael Dryhurst – Model Accessories Mainline and Maritime Limited – Transport Publications Irish Railway Models Edward White Model Scenery Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind Irish Railway Record Society Weir Park Books – Diarmuid Byrne Murphy Models Model Rail Baseboards & Accessories ‘Times Past’ Drogheda - Model Railway Supplies Mark’s Models Layouts & Exhibits First Bangor Model Railway Club – ‘Santa Clara’ U.S. ‘N’ Guage Modular Layout Des McGlynn (DMG Models) – ‘Ballyheady - NG Irish Layout South Dublin Model Railway Club/Midlands Model railway Club – ‘T Trak’ – ‘N’ scale Modular Layout North Down Model Railway Society – ‘Cottley’ – ‘OO’ Gauge Layout Irish Steam Preservation Society – Clifton Flewitt Ulster Model Railway Club ‘ Ardrath’ – ‘N’ Gauge Layout Michael Hand - ‘St Judes’ ‘N’ Gauge GWR Layout Simon Hand – ‘Denton’ ‘N’ Gauge GWR Layout Dublin Society of Model & Experimental Engineers Model Buses – John Keenan / Nigel O’Connor Model Buses – David O’Connor ‘Confey’ ‘HOe ... Irish Narrow Gauge Layout South Dublin Model Railway Club – ‘Little Puckering’ 00 gauge Wexford MRC – ‘Bridge Street’ – ‘OO’ Urban British Model Rail Layout Wexford MRC – ‘Cynwynd’ – ‘N’ West Wales GE and BR Layout Model Railway Society of Ireland – ‘Ardmore’ – ‘O’ Gauge Irish Layout Dublin Model Racing Car Club ‘Staverton’ – ‘N’ gauge Layout ‘Over the Hill’ – ‘OO’ gauge Layout Maritime Museum of Ireland LGB – Garden Layout South Dublin Model Railway Club – ‘Dun Laoghaire’ – 00 gauge South Dublin Model Railway Club – ‘Lucan South’ – ‘OO’ Gauge Lego Group – large Lego Layout
  15. Hi Paul, I will check with Derek and PM you - he is on holidays at the moment. PR
  16. Hi John, Very quiet show overall for both exhibitors and traders alike. Thanks PR
  17. Hi John, Yes - I'm a member of the club and I was at the show I was just confirming what PaulC had asked in an earlier post - that's us- we have our show in Blackrock College in October this year. Best Paul R.
  18. Hi Paul, That would have been Derek from the SDMRC club that you were speaking with as I was operating the layout at the time, we were operating the Belturbet Layout at the show. Kind Regards Paul R.
  19. The layout was built by South Dublin Model Rail Club and we are in the process of refurbishing the entire layout, the darts were modified from fleishman models and they still Exist. The intention is to refurbish using modern techniques and run some of Eoin's excellent models as part of the rolling stock. Thanks PR
  20. Hi Noel, PM if you need any directions or who to contact and yes the website is still up an running - we are also on Facebook too... Best Paul R.
  21. Thanks for the kind comments one and all. The magazine was made possible by the support of our sponsors some of whom are members here to mark the 40th anniversary of the club. Re the lack of refreshments at the show, it has been noted and I will bring it back to the organising team in our club but at this stage I will not promise anything. I must say I enjoyed the show and meeting old friends and making some new ones. Kind regards Paul R.
  22. I will playing trains on 'Lucan South' at the show. Kind regards Paul R.
  23. Well done Stephen and the team - good luck with the new venture. Paul R.
  24. John, I got a 00 version of said cleaner via DCC supplies online It works well for me Thanks Paul R.
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