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Question about control for 009 gauge locos.

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I have a quantity of Austrian 009 gauge stuff which I intend to get operating at some stage. All but one set of points are "Electrofrog" type, the wiring for which is a mysterious mind-blank to me. The last time I wired a layout there was no such thing as individual control, chips, etc. for loco's, and all points had insulated frogs!


How would I go about getting advice about wiring the track, and possibly installing whatever gadgets are necessary into locomotives so that they can be controlled individually?

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I would tend to stick with conventional control in 009, unless the locos were supplied DCC ready I would be wary about trying to convert Liliput or Roco/Minitrains 009 locos to DCC.


Its likely to involve a lot of work in milling out a space for a decoder, modifying the wiring and de-value the loco in the process.


It is difficult to achieve reliable running in DCC with a small loco with only 4 or 6 wheel pick up, I had to remove the decoders from my T&D locos and I am having fun and games acheiving reliable running with a with a G Class.


Wiring for live frog points is not as difficult as its made out to be its mainly a matter of feeding power from the toe end of the points and installing insulated joiners at the back of the crossing Vee,



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