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Canadian National U-2-g Steam loco

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Here is the video.


HO - U-2-g Northern 6230


That is nice! Smoke generator in the steam car too?



Forgive me for I have sinned, the first word that I uttered on seeing the price, was not suitable for a family friendly forum, the second word was "me!"

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She's a beauty, many thanks for the video. She has a nice elegance to her too, unlike a lot of north American steam locos. I have one 4-8-4. a BLI Southern Pacific GS4. It's a rare one in that it actually works properly! Diecast, smoke unit, sound and very smooth.




I don't think she's as pretty as yours though! I think A4Mallard took some close up pics of this, I have none myself.


I have a couple of other freight kettles but I really like the balance of American 4-8-4s.


And yes, that is a Rapido steam generator I believe?

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I quite fancy a GS4... being rather partial to the old Espee :)


The choices aren't great though, the Bachmann 'toy' or the BLIs - I have four other BLIs - two fell apart, and the other two are average runners at best.


Yes, while my four BLI diesels have been good (if hard to programme on DCC in their Blueline guise) this GS4 was a clunker when I got it. Sent it back to BLI and got it back 2 months later with a rather long list of fixes done. Now she runs like a champ.


MTH do a GS4 too, but MTH have their own issues.

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