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071 slow start up

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hi lads, a while back i asked gareth in the Model Shop Belfast is there any way there could be a slow/ extended start up recorded on the 071 sound chip . after fiddleing away for a while he rang me and played an extended cold start where it appeared that the battery was going to die then she slowly fired up....it sounded fantastic so i have 2 ordered and when i get them i will post a clip of them in action. gareth will sell these as a seperate 071 sound chip, as well as the normal start up........HAPPY DAYS!!!:dancing:

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I just cannot get over how sophisticated Irish railway modelling has become, both the external appearance, accuracy and detail of models, and the techy stuff inside them. Well done to all concerned with bringing us forward from repainted BR Mk 2s and a BR "08" repainted as a "D" class! Or in my case very crude cardboard models made 40 years ago to fit over Hornby chassis....

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