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Stone Walls.

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I have been trying to figure out how to model stone walls on the layout for the fast few weeks. The commercially available products would be expensive for the quantity required and inflexible when it came to hills and turns. After using some cat litter to represent rocks at the bottom of the retaining wall with good results I tried it again for walls. The cat lit is bonded with dilute white glue. The trick is to mix about one tea spoon full at the time with as little glue as possible. too much liquid or mixing will cause the cat lit to turn to clay. (If this happens on the layout dry cat lit will bond to the clay saving any wall already built.) With a little experimenting you will get the hang of it. The first picture shows a free standing section of wall on a scrap piece of styrofoam, the second, a section built against the backdrop. The third shows a section where some of the Wall mixture was applied behind clump foliage which was already fixed on the layout. I don't know if this method has been used before but I'm very pleased with the results. Excuse the picture quality but any higher resolution won't download for me.




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