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JM Design December 2023 Update: RTR Brakes, Vans and Open Wagons

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A (very) small number of RTR wagons are available from stock for delivery mid-February 2024 (NZ basically shuts down from Christmas to mid-January)

Basically we assembled our stock of CKD kits because we have not received orders or enquiries in recent months.

We are planning to carry a small number of CKD Brakes, Van and Opens in stock from February 2024 onwards allowing orders to be fulfilled within a 3-4 week timeframe.

The 20T Brake Van to be available with both planked and sheeted duckets. A John Edgington proto indicates that vans with sheeted duckets were in use since the mid-1950s allowing a greater variations in livery.



20T Brake sheeted duckets 23544 $85.00 nz   ----------€49.95 at current Shopify rate.


GSWR/GSR/CIE Covered Wagon with aluminium sheeted body and planked doors Flying Snail. Inspired by a photo in Loco Motives and Rolling Stock of CIE and NIR (79) 

$85.00 nz   ----------€49.95 at current Shopify rate.

I came across a grounded example in a field near Kinegad about 20 years ago.  There was horizontal planking behind the aluminium sheeting, the sheeting presumably used to protect the planking from the weather allowing softwood rather than hardwood planking to be used.


CIE 1946 version of the Covered Wagon.  Similar construction to the sheeted GSWR van but on a 10' wb chassis. Some of the '1946 Vans" are available at a discount the angle strapping at the corner at one end does not extend to the bottom of the chassis. $75.00 nz   ----------€43.95 at current Shopify rate.


GSWR/GSR/CIE Covered Wagon Planked CIE wheel logo $85.00 nz   ----------€49.95 at current Shopify rate.


GSR/CIE Standard Open Wagon. Available CIE Snail or Wheel Logo $70.00 nz   ----------€40.95 at current Shopify rate.

This is an upgraded version of our original model, with improved label clip detail, deeper floor and strengthened door springs


GSWR/GSR/CIE Covered Wagon planked. Available at reduced price as a result of defect where diagonal strapping did not print correctly at intersection with vertical T strapping.

$75.00 nz   ----------€43.95 at current Shopify rate.

An unexpected consequence of printing on a higher resolution printer than the original locally produced test prints! I have since updated the CAD work for the model to eliminate this particular problem.

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