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JM Design Jan 2024 update and a new models for 2024.

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3D printed wagons.

I have updated the website to reflect current stock levels of RTR wagons and pricing and availability of CKD wagons.

I expect to reduce our lead time for fulfilling orders for CKD wagons to 6-8 weeks from March onwards once our printers resume production following the Chinese New Year.

We are planning to supply both the planked and sheeted ducket version of the CIE 20T Brake Van, all four versions of the GSWR/GSR/early CIE covered vans and the GSR/CIE Standard 12T (Wooden Bodied) Open Wagon. The Open Wagon can be supplied separately for modellers who want to fit 'an Irish Chassis" with its distinctive single lever brake gear to a Dapol or Hornby open wagon body.


New models for 2024.

I am currently working on a set of scratchbuilers parts for 60 Class or D14 loco and will probably follow up with a ex-MGWR Standard Goods in GSR form with superheater boiler if anyone is interested. 

Both locos are on my long term wish list, though I have no plans at this stage to produce a kit or batch built rtr model of either type, from my experience with the JM Design GSWR 52 Class and MGWR 2-4-0 the numbers simply don't stack up.

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4 hours ago, patrick said:

Any plans to do the grain hopper again John?

Will need to carry out some relatively minor tweaks to the CAD work before re-releasing the Grain Hopper. 

Our supplier has been struggling to produce consistent prints of the hopper body with a high reject rate.

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I have updated the website to provide greater clarity around our Kits and RTR Wagons   jmdesignmodelrailways.com.

Due to the relatively low level of demand and high production costs our models are available as pre-order items as opposed to stock items. 

One of the advantages of 3D printing is that our suppliers have no minimal order quantity for a particular model unlike plastic injection moulding or resin casting, thus its feasible for me to include a several different types of wagons in an order to our printers at a similar unit cost to an order for one type of wagon.

 This basically means that our 2 Varieties of 20T Brake Van, 4 Varieties of Covered Wagon, Open Wagons will be continuously be available from stock or pre-order as long as the business continues to operate.

Kits.  I have finally gotten round to using the 'k' word after using CKD for a couple of years. Our wagons are closer in concept to the Triang-Hornby coaches of the 60s and 70s where everything bolted or clipped together or the American "shake the box kits" rather than conventional kits which sometimes take considerable skill and time to assemble.


The CKD kits fit together with minimal cleaning up or preparation apart from moving excess supports (tiny pieces of plastic) that may be attached to the print. The design is not unlike a typical plastic injection moulded wagon, the pewter weight fits into a rebate in the floor of the chassis, the body can be secured to the chassis with a small blob of superglue near each end.  Newly printed 3D parts sometimes distort during 'clean up' at the printers or handling, but will return to their normal/correct shape when immersed in hot but not boiling water.

RTR wagons

I expect to resume producing all available wagons in RTR form from March 2024 when our print suppliers return following the Chinese New Year. Models produced will depend on total 'numbers' (ideally 15-20 wagons) of pre-orders received as opposed to minimal orders for a particular wagon.  There is no problem in slotting in 1 or 2 LMA's or GSWR Vans within a larger batch Brake Vans, Opens and CIE Vans

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