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Timpo Prairie Rocket.

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Hardly a worthy workbench item, but does anybody have a Timpo Prairie Rocket?

I got roped into 'fixing' one and each step of the process takes a long time - it's been a couple of months to get this far, I only finally got to see the actual problem today.

All I've had delivered is the motorised tender, in a non-functional form.

I've got it apart without busting anything. The motor seemed to be dead, with no circuit through it at all, even when I could get straight onto the motor terminals.

The motor is a bit 'special', in that the mounting requires this actual motor, using the shape of the case to fit and hold it.

On a hunch, suspecting that it just hadn't run for many years and the commutator was merely oxidised, I gave it a 'robust manual spin' to polish it up a bit and did get an occasional circuit then - so I persevered and was then able to get it to run and clean itself properly.


I've cleaned the carpet fluff from the gears and it runs OK now.

Anyway, the real point is that the tender does not have rear, unpowered, bogie in place.

I'm guessing that the two bogie wagons that are part of the set will use a compatible 'dead' bogie and thus I could cannibalise one from there - but, the wagons are 60 miles away and two to three weeks from arriving here.

It would be nice to know if my suggestion of this temporary fix is likely to work, before another month passes and I get to see the wagons.

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