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Class 55 Deltic Run 2 Update February 2024 - Decorated Samples Revealed!

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It was "55 for 5" this time last year as we announced our second run of Class 55 Deltics to mark our 5th birthday in February 2023.

The mighty Deltic was of course our first Accurascale locomotive, and one that proved to be unwaveringly popular among modellers, with models selling out in record time and a huge demand in place for a second production run.


While feedback on the locomotives was resoundingly positive, there was some excellent constructive feedback too relating to some fit and finish problems some modellers had encountered with their models. This centred around some extra detailing parts around the fuel tanks becoming dislodged in transit, the end had rails sticking too far out, our large "Accurathrash" speaker hitting the roof of the locomotive as it powered up on some models and of course, those infamous brake chains on each bogie.

Of course, always wanting to do better, we announced that we would go back to the drawing board with this feedback, and try to do better.


All these small issues have now been addressed, with parts being more securely attached with bigger recesses for these parts, the brake chains will now have a new attachment arrangement which makes them more simple to attach and take off for locomotive maintenance, the speaker is now mounted in a lower position in the chassis frame and the handles have been adjusted.

On these decorated samples, the handrails are still too far out, which we have fed back to the factory who will correct them.  


Overall, these new decorated samples, featuring these small tweaks are looking very impressive indeed! They have once again been hugely popular on pre-order, with many who missed out first time round coming back and bagging a mighty Deltic for themselves, as well as those looking to increase their fleet of these mighty beasts.


We are delighted to share these decorated samples with you of the six running numbers that make up run two, including a much demanded return for Porterbook Purple 9016! Yes, we know plenty hate it, but plenty of others love it too judging by the sales of this stand out member of the class!


The Deltics had been originally penciled in to arrive next month, but with the demand for this production run (far beyond what we originally envisaged) and all the production team currently finishing the Class 66 and 37 production runs, they have been delayed slightly. Production is well underway and delivery will now be in Q3 of 2024. We apologise for this delay, but we wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted a Deltic in this production run gets one!

Some Deltics are still available to pre-order, but are close to selling out. Pre-order yours today via the link below, or from your local stockist for the four main range locomotives!

Pre-Order Your Class 55 Deltic Here!

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