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Magnification sans aggravation

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Hello all,

I was just wondering if anyone can recommend this: for working on small models do you use magnification that you wear and covers your eyes or do you prefer to use a large magnifier that sits on your desk like the kind used to soldering. I need to get something so thought I’d check in here first. 
Thanks in advance,


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There is something to be said for both types of arrangements, in different circumstances.

There is also the odd occasion where a single magnifier over one eye will still leave you with 'real' vision from the other. You can get nice small ones that will clip onto the arms of spectacle frames and easily swing into and out of use.

Clip on Magnifier Dual Glass Lens 3.3x 5x 16.5x Magnifying Jewelers Loupe  for Sewing Watch Jewelry Repair Magnify Eye Loupe Eye Glasses Loop - Etsy  Ireland

If using the magnifier on a stand-type of arrangement, then do be sure not to leave it in a position where sunlight can be focused onto something, with the associated fire hazard.

I also have the advantage of being very short-sighted, so, in circumstances where eye-protection is not an issue, then I can just take my glasses off and focus down a couple of inches.

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A stand magnifier on the bench, and a head-mounted magnifier for mobile, 'on site' work.

I rarely use a head-mounted one, but there are some times when it is the better option.

On the solar fire-risk issue, the type with the cover, as above, will preclude that issue, and keep the lens clean.

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