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Lubrication Oil

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gm171 kk


Hi lads,

Can anyone recommend a brand or type of oil suitable for lubricating 00 gauge locos and also where to apply oil on MM 201s. I have an MM 201 that I bought in 2011 and it hadn't been run for about 8 months after it was run after purchase. The loco does a lot of stalling and the cab lights flicker when turned on. The wheels also squeak so that's what led me to believe it may just need to be lubricated but if anyone else thinks something else is causing this please say so. Bare in mind it is a DCC layout with recently laid brand new track and I also cleaned the wheels recently.

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Check the electrical pickups to the wheels on the loco and check the decoder is seated fully?


I would say it's the pickups. You can get a lot of crap building up on the inside of the wheels where the pickups touch the

wheels, bare in mind that over lubricating the loco can cause dirt and dust to stick.


As regards the squeaking, was the loco properly ran it when you first got it? It's recommended that you run a loco for at least 30 mins at medium speed in both directions to help bed-in the gears and to work the factory applied lubricant around the mechanism.

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