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CIE Skeleton flat for beer tubs now available from Provincial Wagons

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At last, this wagon has come on stream.


It represents a CIE wagon produced about 1961/2 to transport the famous beer in the distinctive tubs from Dublin to Belfast. They may have been used elsewhere, but I haven't seen photographic evidence. They replaced a rather crude GNR conflat built for the purpose.


The tubs have been available for some time on one of my Dapol conflats, numbered in the appropriate GNR series. If you've got one of those, you can use the conflat to cary other containers (like my bread ones) and switch the tubs to this wagon instead?


Unlike my other handmade wagons, this is not a true scale item, but a close representation. We have used a standard Dapol chassis and inserted a specially made resin floor with lugs to hold the tubs. The whole is painted overall in bauxite and numbered. These wagons appear to have only carried numbers, nothing to signify their CIE ownership. Mind you by the time they came on stream, the UTA had all but ceased running freight.


As usual, several different numbers are available for those of you who want to have a short rake of these. Naturally, the tubs come with a variety of numbers, so you need not have duplicates on your trains.


Price: £22 or €27 for the skeleton wagon only or


£34 or €40 for the skeleton wagon with two lettered tubs, as shown


The tubs are still available on their own for £7 or €8.25 each.


All prices are inclusive of postage and packing. I do, however, give you discount on postage saved on multiple orders. Such is the UK postal system that it is nearly as cheap to send 2/3 wagons as one!


Obviously, I'll have these wagons at Bangor, but pre-orders help me to judge how many to bring!


Thanks for looking



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When I priced this new wagon, I misunderstood the new UK postal rates - they changed all the (blank) sizes! Now, that I've got the right figure in my calculations the correct prices for this wagon are -


UK, including postage £21 for skeleton only; £32 with TWO beer tubs (as shown in the initial posting).

Europe, also including postage €26 for skeleton only; €38 with two beer tubs, as above


If you're coming to Bangor, you will save roughly a quid, or a Euro on these prices by buying over the counter AND another quid or a Euro, if you don't need couplings!


Further saving I realise that lots of folk don't use Dapol-type couplings, so I am happy to remove the "hook" bit, leaving the NEM pocket for you to snap in your own preferred coupling. It saves me a quid a wagon, so I'll pass that on.


Hope that's clear! If it's not e-mail me, please, via the address on my website!





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