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Dublin-Wexford Trains 1966

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Sulzer, you're looking at AEC railcars mostly at that stage. May '66 almost all black'n'tan, possibly still a rare green one. In 1962/3 there was one AEC car in GNR navy and cream which would turn up on that line now and again.


Your AEC will usually be a three car set, often trailing one or two four wheeled (not six wheeled) tin vans. The centre car could well be the RPSI's ex-GNR brake 2nd, which was the last coach in traffic in GNR livery. It skipped the green era and was still navy and cream when repainted into black'n'tan in 1965/6. Other possible centre cars would be laminates or Park Royals usually.


"A" class locos would feature on specials, as would 141s or 121s. Possibly the odd service train too, in which case the coaching stock would be laminates, Park Royals, and Bredins. Cravens would be unlikely in May '66 though I wouldn't rule the odd one out. Very occasionally, a wooden bogie - almost certainly of GSWR origin, but black'n'tan - would appear. There was a rake of them kept in traffic until 1974, even including at least one gas lit non corridor example, though this particular specimen spent its twilight years on seaside-specials duty in Dublin.


In those days, when the tramway we have now was actually a railway, there was no such thing as these fixed-formation trains we have now. You could get all sorts of things; that's what made it interesting. The front and rear of your train could have one or two four or six wheeled "tin vans", or a bogie full brake. There was still a solitary wooden ex-GSWR six wheeled full brake in traffic at that stage, though the only pics I've seen of it are on the Galway line. I believe it survived until 1967, and was one of only two similar 6-wheeled coaches ever to get black'n'tan livery. (No passenger-carrying ones ever did). Had it appeared on the DSER, it most likely would have been stuck on the end of an AEC set - where you could find all sorts of things, even standard "H" goods vans (all-over grey!)


Dutch and BR vans would not have featured at all at that stage.


Now, the goods trains..............

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Ex-GNR BUT railcars also worked on the Wexford line as they were slightly more powerful than the AEC there is a picture of a set in mixed black & tan, green and blue & cream at Macmine Junction before the station and North Wexford line closed.


I remember reading somewhere that in the mid-late 60s Wexford trains were often made up as 4 car sets of railcars and powered intermediates in order to keep time on the grades.

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That's right Mayner, though I suspect later in the 60s. That said, whether a "normal" set was 3 or 4 car, or anything else, doesn't mean that the odd train was 2 or 5! I do remember redaing of two car AEC / BUT sets on SOME DSER trains in the early or mid 60s, though this would have been the exception (I would think) rather than the rule.


I saw a pic, right enough, of the set you mention - and it had a 4th livery: a dirty looking silver tin van in tow!


I have a pic somewhere - if only I could find it - of an AEC set on the Portadown line in 1967. It is a standard ex-GN set as usual on that line at the time 3 car. One car is in UTA green with wasp striped front; one in UTA's GN section blue and cream, and one in brand new maroon and grey (NIR). I must try to dig it out.

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