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Foxes at Pearse Station.

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I also can't beat an elephant, but I've got another one:




The whole story can be read here (sorry, in german only),




so here a summary:


A Circus came to Wuppertal and wanted to let Tuffi the elefant have a ride on the "Schwebebahn". Alas Tuffi did not like the narrow and swinging coach so he escaped by braking through a door. Luckily the Schwebebahn was over the River Wupper at this time so Tuffi just fell into the water and was rescued after. As no photos were taken, poscard printers had their interpretations of the case made by their retouchers (for the younger: no, there was no adobe Photshop at that time...).


A colleague of my girlfriend told her she nearly had a similar passenger: Some people of a circus wanted to beg for money in the city center and thougt it was a good idea to take along the baby elephant to do so. I don't know if she knew about Tuffy but she refused to give him a lift in her tramway.

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