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DCDR Summer season, and DCDR for modellers

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SUMMER TIMETABLE 2013 - starts this Saturday. Every Saturday and Sunday until mid September.


Downpatrick depart: 1400 1445 1530 1615 1700


Inch Abbey depart: 1420 1505 1550 1635 1720


Motive power: O & K No. 1 normally rostered for all public passenger trains. Shunting / empty stock movements will mostly be hauled by A39 or a G class locomotive.


Carriages will normally be GSWR 836 or 1097 (or both) with CIE brake standard 3223.


It's No. 1's first full season in passenger traffic. Come and travel! Modellers will be made welcome. If anyone wants to photograph or measure up any item of rolling stock, ask a member of staff at the railway and every effort will be made to accommodate you, subject to restrictions necessary while running trains. Of possible interest to modellers are the O & K locomotives, an NCC signal cabin, 146 and A39 (and the E and G class locos), and various carriages and wagons. No. 90 is in the museum, and is in authentic pre-1890 GSWR green. Original BCDR carriages also present... see you there!

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