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LMS NCC Railcar No 1

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Hello, my first post on here.

I am Martin Perry, I live in North Wales (but currently working in Singapore ... It's a dirty job etc) I model and collect British, US and Continental trains.

Latest project is an OO scale model of LMS NCC railcar No 1, can anyone point me in the direction of livery details for this unit please?

I believe that it is still in existence at Whitehead, does anyone know of any future plans for it?




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It was originally LMS maroon all over, the only markings being a "1" on each end, and lettering "L M S N C C". Later it gained cream upper panels, the cream dropping to a V shape on the ends. It did not have lining.


The UTA painted it in their standard Brunswick green, initially with lighter green in the same position as the NCC cream. The early UTA crest (the "red hand" rounded) was in the middle body side, and near each end on the sides was a "1" surrounded by a mall circle, the original standard type of UTA numeral style. Later, it received standard 1960's UTA livery - the same green all over, no lighter upper panels, but with the "wasp" ends with diagonal black stripes on the yellow panel which the company used as standard in the 60's.


Hope this helps!

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532 was broken up I think in 2001/02 though I can't remember exactly. As regards Railcar 1 I am led to believe that once work has started on the new exhibition shed at whitehead railcar 1 may be subject to a cosmetic restoration inside and out depending on available funds. One point in her favour is that a lot of restoration work was done in the late 80s - replacement of structural timbers etc,

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That's true, Lough Erne. There were also two ex-Ulsterbus engines purchased at the time, with installation in mind. Apparently they were broadly similar to engines that the railcar carried in one of its several re-enginings. They may well still be about Whitehead.


Downpatrick also had a MPD driving trailer at one stage, which was destroyed by vandals in the Boxing Day fire about 10 years ago.


Doesn't look like MPDs were destined to be preserved, any more that MEDs or 450s!

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