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The RPSI goes back to 1991 to see Moone Boy

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The RPSI travelled back to 1991 today as their Cravens set was in Boyle for filming of the Sky TV series Moone Boy.


The train, hauled by 072 went to Boyle on Wednesday and stabled overnight. Filming took place on the Thursday morning and the train went back to Connolly as a 1205 empty from Boyle. Pictures of the outward and return journeys are now on the website at: 072 passes Ashtown with the late running 1205 Connolly - Boyle Ety. RPSI Carriages. The carriages were en-route to Boyle for filming of Moone Boy . Wed 28.08.13

Photo courtesy of Mr. Church.


Outward Photos at Ashtown & Carrick-on-Shannon. Thanks to Mr. Church and L.G. for these.

Return Photos at Lough Owel, Mullingar.


The Wanderer.

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Darn, missed it passing by about 30 minutes! Great photos The Wanderer.


You don't get many 071's on this line anymore, and as for the orange Craven's, even rarer. Be good seeing it though, when the time comes, on 'Moone Boy'. Didn't watch it the first time around but Sky are repeating first series on Sundays now, and enjoyed the first episode.

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