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SLNCR Railcar B - interior details

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David Holman


Here's another tester for you and one of the main reasons why IRM is so helpful.

Am compiling info for the SLNCR railcar B. Got the drawing, plus a range of photos, including the colour ones in Irish Traction & Irish Rly in Colour 1 & 2. However, would appreciate any info on the interior of the railcar, including:

- colour of seats; in one pic they look green, but were backs same as upholstery?

- interior paintwork; driver's cab looks brown, but was passenger compartment the same?

- flooring; have my own photos of the Finn Valley's Walker railcar [grey], so could be the Sligo's was the same?

- driving controls; any ideas? Forgot to record details above...


Also, was there a door between the passenger saloon and the luggage compartment? Have a nice picture of the saloon from Backtrack Nov 1995,albeit in black and white, but has enabled me to master and cast the seats.


Am hoping a few of you might have seen the Railcar in CIE days and/or Downpatrick, so fingers and toes are firmly crossed in anticipation.

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I believe the upholstery was a dull bluish colour. It certainly was in CIE days but that could have been them putting standard Dublin bus style seats in it. I'm nearly sure I picked up so we here that CIE modified the seating at one stage.


The passenger compartment was done in a light colour, probably cream, maybe white. I doubt if it was the light green that the outer upper panels were. It's possible that below window level the interior was a darker colour but I doubt it.


The Finn Valley restoration of CDR Railcar 18 is not at all accurate in every detail, so I would not take that as an example. The type of flooring used in things like Donegal railcars was generally brown, and given that "B" was a Walker product, I would think it likely that this was the same.


Driving controls would not have been unlike any of the extant CDR railcars. It was often the custom to paint driving cab interiors in a dark colour on both early railcars and also buses. UTA buses had the same exterior dark green, or the lighter green used as a waistband, inside cabs. Belfast buses sometimes had brown. If you have any info suggestion the interior of the SLNCR's railcar(s) was / were brown,mid go with that, although the ones converted from old buses might have been the exterior dark olive green inside drivers cabs.

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Many thanks once again chaps - your knowledge and advice is much appreciated.

Have attached a photo of the picture in Backtrack showing the B's interior. Can't help thinking the main panelling & window surrounds look like dark wood [or same green as lower exterior], but photo is not dated, so no telling whether this was the case during its working life on the Sligo. Have been having a closer look with a magnifier at the colour pictures and still think the seats are either dark green or perhaps blue, while the inside of the driving cabs certainly appear brown. Oh for a time machine!

Have been doing a bit of work on the model, so will add and update to that thread shortly.


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I enquired of those who might know. The inside walls were probably light or mid brown, with ceilings a light colour, almost certainly cream. This would not be unlike many laminates or Park Royals. Cab interior probably brown too.


My own best guess, for several reasons, is that upholstery was either green or greyish black ue - very unlikely to be anything else.

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