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refurbishing lima locomotives

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Hi all,

Recently one of my class 50s failed, and since it was my favourite, the other one, which had a better chassis but worse body shell donated it's chassis to the failed loco.

Now I have a shell and chassis spare, however the lima motor is utterly dead, and im wondering if it is feasible to refurbish it with a central can motor based drive system built on the original frame?

I would quite like to try this as im looking for a project to focus on, and I have a soft spot for lima.

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You could buy spares from a Hornby 50 and transplant them into the Lima 50 underframe (including bogie spares) if you want a central can set up. This might prove a useful guide (okay it's a 31, but the concept would be the same. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/19369-brush-type-2-re-birth-judgement-day/


Alternatively the units we discussed recently would work in a Lima 50. What's gone wrong with it? Is it the motor itself? Did you clean the wheels and pick-ups? Are the gears damaged? Loose wires/connection?


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I believe the motor itself is just done. I will keep my eye out for hornby spares, as well as those units you mentioned that had come up in discussion. Thanks for the link, it will definitely be useful


No problem mate. If you were ever in Dublin you could drop it into Marks Models on Hawkins st and Jim would have a look at it for you.

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