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Baseboard Dowels

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Have a look at http://www.stationroadbaseboards.co.uk/. They can supply 'bullet' type and 'pattern makers' type baseboard dowels. They deliver to Ireland and I have bought from them previously. Picked up some of the former for my own layout. Was intending to use these to join the boards end to end but have decided against it. Will use them instead for locating the hinged access section on the layout.


If you're planning on dis-assemblying and re-assembling your layout on a regular basis, or if it's of 'modular' construction, than dowels are a good idea. But if it is going to be largly static, I wouldnt bother. Better off clamping your underframes together, ensuring the top surfaces are level. Then drill and fasten the base frames together with M10 bolts with flat washers and Nyloc nuts. They won't go anywhere and can be taken apart in future if needs be.



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If your layout is permanent I do what Shinkansen said, clamp them together and drill and bolt, they will never move. Stay away from the pattern maker dowels it is very hard to align them perfectly.

I now use hardwood dowels and drill the frames with a boring machine, that gives me perfect alignment every time. My old exhibition baseboard had them and they never wore down after a year and a half of constant use.

If your planning to take it apart the odd time, clamp the frame then drill 8mm holes and fit hardwood dowels, then drill and bolt them together.

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