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Recently unearthed, Long forgotten

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I have for exchange the following. All 00 gauge. All from the 1970’s

1. J70 Tram Locomotive. It travelled with me to countries I would rather forget, where it was part assembled. It’s had a hard life during the intervening years. I am sure a kit basher can complete this kit. I can not remember the maker of the kit. It has as far as I can see all the items to repair and complete this item. It has the motor and gears installed.

2. Airfix body and Kemilway Chassis. I think it’s a 4-6-0. It is incomplete.

3. 2 incomplete Anbrico Tram bodies

4. 0-6-0 Built Panier Tank Kit. Not sure of Class. Can’t remember the kit manufacturer . Includes Motor & Gears.

5. Naked 0-4-0 Chassis Not sure of Class. Can’t remember the kit manufacturer. No Motor, No Gears

6. Track items, I off 45 degree curve, marked R606. 4 off 7” Straights marked R600, 2 with electric contacts.

I don’t have it in my heart to dump these parts. I am offering the items as a job lot in exchange for items to enable me to progress my N Gauge layout (Bikers End). Surely someone out there can make good use of them.



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The J70 was probably K's. It was the cheapest kit available back in 70-small numbers, and I couldn't afford one. Guess that the 4-6-0 is a BR Standard. Anbrico trams? I half remember them too- a fairly modern looking 4 wheeler- Sheffield or Leeds? The track is of course Tri-ang, Series 6 or 7 I think.

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Geordie, i'd hate to see you throw away some of that stuff. The pannier tank and/or 4-6-0 chassis and airfix body would be of interest. Would happilly delve into n gauge buildings if they would suit in exchange? Thoughts? Richie.


Richie, you are the only one who showed any interest in a swap. Please advise further. Ridley

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Might be worth listing the items on E-Bay or the RM Web classified, there still seems to be a lot of interest in old whitemetal kits in the UK. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/70333-what-have-you-done-with-your-keyser-kit/page-9


The steam tram, panniers and trams should be snapped up.


Airfix body and Kemilway Chassis is probably for the Standard Class 4 2-6-0 may be more difficult to shift as Bachmann have released a nice rtr version of this loco.

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