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Bikers End

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Hi folksBikers End (26-1).jpg

Attached is the final iteration of the construction model, approved & frozen by the committee this week.

It was felt that a Branch Line should not take the same route as the Main Line, hence the major redesign with the inclusion of a second baseboard now forming an 'L'

Construction materials are being procured as we write. Some among us may have previously found and dealt with an English outlet called 'Railway Scenics'. I have purchased the DCC Bus wiring from them. Excellent to deal with, very helpful, good service and good value

Now I need more help from you guys.

The two baseboards are located by Gaugemaster's DCC Dowels and then Bolted together. Each baseboard is supported on casters to allow movement if the two are disconnected. The help / advice I need is in regard to the electrical connection between the two baseboards. There are four cables in all, two Power Bus and two Points Bus. I have been unable to find small plug & sockets, so that I can quickly disconnect the two boards. Has anyone overcome a similar problem????

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Hi Tony


Walter does packs of these little guys, they come in all colours and are screw fix to the wires-(do solder the wire ends first), they are a neat little plug n socket and can daisy chain through the hole shown in that green one. I throw a bit of shrinkie over the body and shrink it, to cover the screw head- just in case.


Elec Conn-00 IMAG1148.jpg


Boskonay's idea can be made yourself with small block connectors and brass nails with heads removed. They do require a screw driver to disconnect which can be a problem when in under a layout.



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