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1st attempt!

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Hi Guys,

This is my 1st attempt at a layout so i decided to do a display board so i can make my mistakes on this, rather than if i attempted a full layout. At least any mistakes won't be too expensive. I just did a simple road & track section but i still have a lot more work to do. im looking for ideas to finish it off, i was thinking should i put a third line in or put a platform in instead.i not sure what to put at the ends aswell,a tunnel,viaduct maybe?? any help will be appreciated. anyway i used it to take photos of some of my stock that i have, The weathering was done by the gifted George at wonderful weathering. :tumbsup:

20140419_155109.jpg (160.2 KB)

20140419_163252.jpg (120.0 KB)

20140419_163224.jpg (151.7 KB)

20140419_162314.jpg (126.4 KB)

20140419_162239.jpg (161.4 KB)

20140419_162230.jpg (169.3 KB)

20140419_162216.jpg (163.7 KB)

20140419_161530.jpg (126.1 KB)

20140419_161404.jpg (158.8 KB)

20140419_160147.jpg (127.0 KB)

20140419_155118.jpg (131.8 KB)

20140417_155635.jpg (143.9 KB)

20140419_154522.jpg (162.7 KB)

20140419_154704.jpg (162.3 KB)

20140419_163257.jpg (140.7 KB
















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Hi rebelred, & welcome aboard, don't know exactly what you mean regarding a layout, platforms are always good, and you have some very nice stock to begin with, :tumbsup:


its actually the 'display' board in the pictures that im looking to finish off, both ends in particular. i'm doing up this board/scene so i can display some of my stock.it's a sin having them stored away in boxes. A full layout will haft to wait as i don't have the room at the moment :SORRY: just a question,can you run trains on a board like mine or does the track have to be in a loop?

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Hi rebelred


Nice collection of orange and black stuff, cool


To run trains all that is needed is track end to end, like your display board (but I don't think you have enough room to run a train- maybe the engines though, back and forward) or in a loop- but a loop is not mandatory.


Regarding ends and a platform- yes go for both, I'd do tunnels at one end, then a picture at the other end of track running off in the distance, and a platform and thin station buildings- take a look at http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=49254 for some clever use of thin buildings and photograph backdrops


I know you have done a fair bit of work on the display board, but maybe you should take a look at the thread 'Modular 00 Layouts' we are trying to get going! at;- http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/2465-Modular-OO-Layouts?p=37052&viewfull=1#post37052


This idea may suit you to run your trains when the system is up and running??



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Thanks for the advice guys, a good ideas there that i could use.I was thinking alright that if I was able to run trains on a straight track, that I could join another base board on to it but wasn't sure until now. I had more photos but they didnt upload, probably because I cropped them. All yer advice is invaluable to a complete novice like me, thanks again!:confused:

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