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Downpactrick Railway

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It's amazing, though, to see how much has happened at Downpatrick since that was filmed (I think it was about 5 or 6 years ago).


Carriages are now in (mostly) authentic liveries, two main line diesels have arrived, and a third will follow; a very welcome influx of younger members is replacing the oul wans (including me!), and the track you see in that film has in many places been entirely relaid and to an ever-improving standard. The Carriage Gallery has opened and a new loco shed had been built behind the Maghera Shed.


Much is happening. Much will continue to happen. Several posters here are active members - come and have a look if you've never been, or haven't been for a few years. I should add that every effort will be made to accommodate modellers who want to measure or photograph. If you want to do this (and several here already have), either PM me or make yourself known to whoever is the person in charge (at Downpatrick station rather than Inch Abbey) on any day that the railway is open.


Apart from the May bank holidays, the line will operate every Saturday and Sunday from 21st June to mid September. Trains leave Downpatrick on each operating say at 1400, 1445, 1530, 1615 and 1700. Departures from Inch Abbey (where you can also park) are at 1420, 1505, 1550, 1635 and 1720.


Planned haulage this summer is O & K No. 1, but diesels may stand in occasionally or by special request. Available (currently) are G617, 146 and A39.

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