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Different paint finish from same can...

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I just sprayed some more tankers this evening and they've turned out a completely different finish to the first 2 I did last week and wondering if anyone can shed some light on it cause I'm confused :confused:


Basically they were both sprayed with Halfords Grey Primer and then with Halfords Satin Black (exactly the same cans), the first ones seem to have come out with a Satin finish but the ones from tonight are definitely more matt (all 4 came out the same from tonight)


Not sure how clear it will show on the pic but have a look - the one on the left was done last week and one on the right was done tonight :




The second set of tanker kits were a completely different batch and plastics were different (at least different colours) but not sure if that is the reason. Other possible causes I can think of :


1. Paint not mixed up enough ?

2. Different amount of paint (I was probably more generous on the first 2 and tonight was a little more sparing as didnt know how far it goes)


Not sure if either of those really explain why the finish would look different though - I would thought a satin finish would come out whether it got one coat of paint or 4. I can certainly try giving them another coat tomorrow and see what happens.


Any other ideas ?


P.S. I actually think the Matt looks better but I have the transfers on the other 2 so kinda stuck with them!

Photo 24-05-2012 23 21 54.jpg

Photo 24-05-2012 23 21 54.jpg

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Possibly a mixing problem - give 'em a real good shake.


You could always matt varnish the shiny ones.


Transfers will always be better on a glossy finish anyway and then the whole thing matted afterwards - you'll see the carrier film if you apply transfers to a matt finish.

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