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  1. Its a fantastic looking model will have to get at least, one
  2. I know that the loco was available separately in its own box which would have a different R issue number than the one in two, train sets that the class 35.
  3. IRRS should have copy or three in there time table library look for Irish railway archive Web page email archives, department with your needs
  4. waffles

    RIP Jim Bayle

    Jim a true Gentleman A friend A font of knowledge A vey funny guy A very respected chap God bless you Jim and Thank you.
  5. Bray turntable was 45ft long water tower held over 40.000 Gallons of water and a coaling stage as well locos were watered under it.
  6. Yes to selling them separately twin packs or síngles would be useful
  7. The one in the photo is British The wagon ends and side stanchions on the Irish wagons were removable and were simply transferred to the 62ft versions. 42 ft bogies flats were also considered. Again ends and sides were compatible with being transferred to the 62ft flats.
  8. I find them quite good very little to go wrong with then
  9. Janice O Connell took the published photos Ciaran Cooney provided the original background information and sample photos of the suitable locations for her research.
  10. Well done Ciaran Cooney great job.
  11. Oxford Irish coaches due in shops 2019 according to Oxford themselves May even do a gen can cost depending.
  12. All level crossing paper on Irish rails "live" map in the website Click all then click level crossings click the blue dot on map you want to identify it I'd no & other details
  13. In 1958 the majority of the drawings held in Dundalk works of stations over the northern side of the border were passed on to the UTA who passed them on to the government of Northern Ireland archive who destroyed them as they were deemed to have no value. All the drawings of Omagh held by the IRRS were copied digitally and those copies were supplid to you a while ago.
  14. Digital copies as well print copies of certain locomotive carriage & wagon drawing's are available from various IRRS collections. A new list of what is available is due out soon. In the meanwhile you can contact Richard McLachlin at richardvmcl@aol.com for further details. Anthony McDonald also keeps a small stock of the printed versions at IRRS Heuston Station Dublin 8. Tuesday evenings from 19.30.
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