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Layout Control Software

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Hi again

Thanks for your replies to my thread on Railmaster /Elink.

I've been hearing some favourable comments recently regarding JMRI Control Software used with a SPROG interface.

I'd like to ask the same question as before. Does any IRM member use this application, or have any knowledge of its use???



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I use JMRI and the Sprog ll v3 to program and test run the DART models.


JMRI can look a bit daunting but after a while playing with it one begins to find their way around. The interface is a bit crude, I think its still in development mode but it works. I mainly use it to adjust CV's on the chips and to store a database of settings & info for all digital DARTs made. The CV programming interface again takes a bit of playing with and seems to do everything I need it for, so far.

I have not delved into the scheduling side of things yet.


Sprog ll v3 is a great little interface and economically priced, very simple to install. No problems with interfacing with JMRI and all digital chips so far. It can run up to 3 trains on the one layout- that's the limit, it is really only an interface for programming. It can be upgraded if you want to use Sprog as your layout control interface.

It will not up load sound files to the chips


I would recommend this set-up as a very economical entry into CV & chip programming, it can be then developed up to a full layout controller if needs be.



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I used JMRI several years ago as an interface with a Digitrax system for route setting on an American N gauge layout. I never advanced beyond point control to detection or signalling.


The main advantage was I had a lot quicker and easier to build a virtual CTC panel with JMRI than build a hard wired one, easier to alter and far less in terms of emotional loss & physical waste in dismantling/scrapping a physical panel when the project was abandoned.

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