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Lima couplings.

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Dhu Varren

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A bit of information that I have just discovered. For those of you who use stock fitted with Lima tension lock couplings, and require replacement hooks, which are like hen's teeth, and can be expensive, Hornby produce identical hooks under part number X9428 for a pack of ten. The price of these hooks works out at less than 1/3rd of the the price being asked for on eBay, and even retailers etc. for Lima hooks. I obtained some from peterspares, but beware, I have found another retailer selling a different type hook under the same part number. Look closely at a picture before buying.

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Voting yes or no man?

Just saw this thread

Good spot as the Hornby ones usually have the recess pointing down rather than up

Any idea how they fit lengthwise?


Having compared the Hornby produced hooks with original Lima ones, they are an exact match for the original Lima ones, a direct replacement.

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