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The four Irish Pullman cars (400-403) were, I believe, leased from the Pullman Car Company by the Great Southern Railways from 1926 to 1936. During this period they wore the standard Pullman Livery of Umber and Brown. In 1936 the Pullman Company were reluctant to renew the agreement with the GSR and offered them an opportunity to purchase the four cars. This offer was accepted by the GSR.


Three cars were in service with the fourth retained as a spare. Two cars were used on the Dublin - Cork service and one on the Dublin - Limerick Service via Limerick Junction. This car was removed at the Junction and then made its way to limerick. It returned on an UP-Train via Nenagh and Ballybrophy. This information is held in a Bradshaw's Time-Table in the Railway Record Society Library in Dublin.


Old Blarney


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Interesting info on the Pullmans, thanks.


p31 of Baker's Railways in the Republic of Ireland shows one of them on a Cork-Rosslare boat train in 1953. Presumably by that stage they were being displaced by newer CIE stock and railcars. He also gives the 1926 / 36 dates.


When I saw the DB van there, I thought it was the Dublin and Belfast Junction, and that it looked very well for its age.



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