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Carragh Nurseries.

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Ah, not any old IÉ coach, but a Cu na Mara coach too!

10 of these MK III-like coaches were released from BREL in 1986, with a view of railways of the continent buying into the idea. They went around on press things, and two of them went to Germany on some exhibit thing, but nothing resulted.

The ten were bought by IÉ in 1994 - one was to be made into a DVT, but this never happened. They then were withdrawn in 2009 I think, the rest bar this one and another. I think this is either 6203 or 6205 - the other one isn't far away from there I understand, but is in a lot worse condition.

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Spot on Jawfin, it is 6203. Both it and 6205 went to Killashee House Hotel outside Naas in July 2009 for conversion into a restaurant. However, these plans failed to materialise and 6203 was subsequently aquired by Caragh Nurseries for use as a cafe. Unfortunately, 6205 was left in the open at Killashee House Hotel and was heavily vandalised. By 2013 it was in a very poor state. See 'The Wanderer's Photographs' site for pictures of the two coaches.

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